Privacy Policy

Upon registering with AruaROSE, you are required to provide us with your First name, Last Name, Age, and personal Email Address. This information will be used to personalise your experience through the services we provide and we may send you regular personalised emails informing players of Events, News, Updates or other subjects to our choosing.

Technology Information

For security purposes, we will record your current IP Address and various informations on the browser you are using. We will use this information to monitor how often our services are used by you and also to remember who you are across all of the services provided.

Information Sharing

We will not sell, share or make public any personal information held by us to any third parties. This includes, but is not limited to, your First Name, Last Name, Age and Email Address. If, for some reason, we are required to give a third party your personal information, we will do so only with your consent.

We may regularly use personal information held by us to offer and provide you customised services.

Deleteing Personal Information

All personal information held by us is tied to a single Account Name chosen by the player upon registration. Account Names and information belonging to an Account Name will never be modified or removed by us. Players are able to edit the personal information that we hold on them through the My Account section of the website.


We may use your email address to send you newsletters from time to time to let you know of anything important, such as events and updates. We'll also use your email address to contact you regarding your account. Receiving newsletters is completely voluntary and you can opt-out from receiving these in My Account where you will be immediately removed from our mailing list.


We may store cookies on your Internet Browser to make accessing services we provide easier or for security purposes. Cookies are only temporarily stored on your Internet Browser and you are free to delete them at any time you choose.

Binding Agreement

By the continued use of services provided by us, you are accepting practices set out by the Privacy Policy, and any other policies set out such as the Terms of Service. Policies set before players may be ammended without prior notice and it is the players responsibility to check these regularly.