Additional levels of security for your account


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AruaGuard is the only protection you'll ever need to stop your account being accessed by players who shouldn't have access. Once enabled, you are able to control who can and cannot access your account - even if they know the password.

Enabling AruaGuard

You can enable AruaGuard for your account by visiting My Account.

Enable AruaGuard

Managing AruaGuard

Once enabled, computers must be authorised before they can log into your account. You can do this by visiting My AruaGuard.

At the bottom of My AruaGuard, a small summary of the last log in attempts to your account are shown. Identify the computer that you want to allow to log into your account then click Authorise.

Managing AruaGuard

Authorising a Computer

To Authorise a computer, select the Permission level and create an Alias so that you can identify which device it is. There are two permission levels to choose from.

Authorising a Computer

  • Limited Access: Allows an authorised computer to log into your account, but they cannot Trade, Vend, Buy or Sell to NPCs, Buy or Sell from Players, Drop an item or Delete a Character. Other actions may also be restricted.
  • Full Access: Allows an authorised computer to log into your account with no restrictions.

Every time you log into your account, the status of AruaGuard will be displayed in the chat area.

Deauthorising a Computer

Identify the computer that you wish to revoke access from, then click Deauthorise.

Deauthorising a Computer

Two-Factor Authentication

Having enabled AruaGuard, you should also consider enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA allows you to restrict who can log into your account on the website, which AruaGuard itself does not do.

Two-Factor Authentication

Head to the Two-Factor Authentication area to enable it.


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