Item Mall

Before you try to purchase any exclusive items from our Item Mall, make sure you have enough AruaPoints available. We provide many ways for players to purchase AruaPoints.

Accessing the Item Mall

Item Mall

The Item Mall can be opened by clicking the Item Mall icon below the mini-map or using the keyboard shortcut ALT + U.

Purchasing Items

Item Mall

To change the category of items that you're viewing, click a category at the top of the Item Mall.

The cost of the item can be seen under each item. If you're unable to click the Buy button, you do not have enough AruaPoints to purchase that item.

To quickly purchase AruaPoints, click the Buy AruaPoints button in the bottom-right corner.

To purchase an item, click the Buy button below an item. You can add up to 4 items to your basket. Want to send a gift to your friend? Enter their character name in the Recipient field!

Item Mall

Once you confirm your purchase, your purchase will be deposited directly to your Premium Storage.

Enjoy your new purchase!