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Item Mall Guide

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Item Mall Guide

Our Item Mall offers a wide variety of items, such as: consumables, equipment, pets, and transport items. To purchase an item from our Item Mall, AruaPoints are required which can be purchased directly from us or from other players.

Both of our game servers have an Item Mall, but Classic sells only cosmetic items. There are no items which give any bonus stats or advantage over other players.


The Item Mall contains many different categories which you can navigate using the buttons on the window or the arrow keys. To purchase an item, click the Buy button where you'll be asked to confirm your purchase.

The Recipient can be changed to send the purchase directly to another player. The recipient must be online to receive the purchase, and they will receive a notification once the process is complete.

Item Mall Purchase

Item Mall purchases are sent to the Premium Storage.


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A variety of costumes, equipment, monster mounts, pets and much more are available to purchase in our Item Mall.

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