Reset your character for a new challenge


Arua Only

If you fancy a new challenge, consider Reborning your character. At the level cap, you have the option of completely resetting your character, allowing you to level up right from the start, pick a new class, and explore new areas. All of your character data is reset except achievements, items, and zulie.

You will not receive any bonuses which would cause an imbalance in the game. Instead, you will receive a unique icon above your head, new Reborn achievements to unlock, the ability to unlock any achievements you previously missed out on, and access our unique Reborn shop (speak to [Stylist] Cindy in the City of Junon Polis).


To Reborn your character, open the Character window by using the shortcut ALT + A or clicking the Character menu option. You can Reborn an unlimited amount of times, and each time you increase your Reborn level, it will get progressively harder to level up. Some bonuses, like taking part in our Boost Up event and receiving experience whilst crafting, are disabled.

Check out the Reborn Rankings on the Armory.


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