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There are 4 forms of transportation available in the game. Castle Gear, which was developed to cause great damage and look menacing to enemies in battles, the Cart, which was developed to efficiently travel the lands, the Flying Vessel, which was developed for interplanetary explorations, and Mounts where you can tame your favourite monster.

Driving Skills

Before you are able to control Castle Gear, drive a Cart, or ride a Mount, you must first prove you are capable of handling such machines and animals.

[Ferrell Guild Merchant] Mildun in the City of Junon Polis will begin your quest to learn the 'Drive Castle Gear' and 'Drive Cart' skill once your character is Level 50.

[Farmer] Sicru in the City of Junon Polis will begin your quest to learn the 'Ride Mount' skill.



Carts are a convenient and quick method of transport. Collect a full cart set and make a quick but stylish exit. Both Carts and Castle Gears can be customized with a variety of different parts and accessories.

To drive a Cart, you must have learnt the 'Drive Cart' skill.

Castle Gear

Castle Gear

The Castle Gear gives you the control over a huge, menacing, destructive killing machine. Customize your Castle Gear by using a variety of different parts and accessories, but their Part Versions must match.

To control Castle Gear, you must have learnt the 'Drive Castle Gear' skill.

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Many monsters can be tamed enough to become your preferred method of transport. Mounts are a much more fun way to get around than traditional Carts, and can be collected by completing Quests, Achievements, Events, NPC shops, or the Item Mall.

To ride a Mount, you must have learnt the 'Ride Mount' skill.

Flying Vessel

Flying Vessel

There are a number of planets accessible by players in the game: Junon, Lunar, Eldeon, and Oro. To travel between planets, a mode of transport capable of interplanetary exploration must be used.

A Station Guide (see below) will take you to another planet for a small fee.

NPC Name Planet Map
[Guide] Alphonso Junon City of Junon Polis
[Station Guide] Illiya Lunar Magic City of the Eucar
[Station Guide] ChaCha Eldeon Xita Refuge
[Station Guide] Rocky Oro Heliopolis


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