Terms of Service

Terms of Service

This policy refers to You (the "Player", "Players", "Your", "User", "Users") and the following website ("Website") operated by Arua (the "Company", "AruaOnline", "AruaROSE", "We", "Us", "Our"): aruarose.com.

The term "property" defines any content which can be used or interacted with in Our game, including, but not limited to: Accounts, Characters, Items, Zulie, or Clans.

By accessing Our services, You agree to Our Terms of Service and any changes made to them without prior notice.

1. Account Maintenance

You understand that You do not own the account or any content provided by Us. All content remains Our property unless otherwise stated.

You must ensure that all of Your account information is kept up-to-date at all times.

You must ensure that You are 16 years or older when accessing Our services.

You should regularly change confidential data, such as Your Password and Security Question & Answer.

You understand that We reserve the right to release Your character name and / or transfer ownership of a clan to another clan member and / or release any unspent AruaPoints if You become inactive. Logging into Your character resets its inactivity counter. Inactivity is defined as a period of one (1) year in general, but We will review each request subjectively to make a decision.

Account issues must be reported within two (2) weeks of the incident occurring. Support can only be guaranteed for up to three (3) months after the incident occurred.

Any problems that are the result of account sharing, playing in an Internet cafe, unauthorised access to Your Email Address or other such actions are Your sole responsibility.

Under no circumstances will We recover lost items, zulie or other in-game content as a result of sharing Your account or Your account being accessed by an unauthorised third party.

2. AruaGuard

We provide an impenetrable way for You to secure Your account through AruaGuard. AruaGuard ensures that only You and people You explicitly allow can access the account. AruaGuard must be enabled for You to receive support and if You request Our support, AruaGuard must have been enabled at the time that the problem occured.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) should be used on the website at all times when AruaGuard has been enabled.

3. Email Address

We provide many layers of security for Your Account, including a Password, AruaGuard and Your Security Information. You must verify any alterations to Your account with the Email Adress linked to Your account. Therefore, ensuring Your Email Address remains secure is critical.

We will not provide any support to You in any case where a problem has originated from a third-party User gaining access to Your Email Address.

4. General Ill-mannered Activity Rules and Regulations

These Rules & Regulations should be followed by You at all times. Ultimately, We will decide the outcome of any support case.

Personal Information: Sharing the personal information of another Player including, but not limited to, the Players Name, Address, Phone Number, Social Media accounts, or personal photographs, without the Players full consent is strictly prohibited and against the law in some countries (of which, We will work with law enforcement, when requested) and will result in permanent removal from Our services.

Offensive Language: Use of language found to be racial, religious, sexually explicit, threatening, cyber bullying, defamatory, ethnic, or harmful used in any kind of hateful matter, no matter the language may warrant a warning or account suspension. In most cases, You are advised to use the ignore list.

Cyber Bullying & Stalking: Sharing private information of another Player, or sharing social media account(s), without explicit permission from the Player will result in permanent removal from Our services.

Advertising: Directly or indirectly advertising a competitor through chat You send whilst in-game will result in permanent removal from Our services until a time in which We deem necessary.

Griefing: Intentionally causing grief to other players to ruin their experience, block their progress or cause on-going frustration is considered unfair and not the type of behaviour We expect, or will accept, from You. This rule is not enforced in Player v Player zones.

Kill-Stealing: Applies to all monster types except Bosses, Kings and Giants and will warrant a temporarily account suspension. This rule is not enforced in the following situations:

  • Player v Player zones.
  • Players killing for the purpose of quest progression.
Video evidence is required over a long (1+ hour) period of time to make a valid claim.

Wall Hacking/Glitching: Doing so in a Player vs Player zone may warrant a temporary account suspension.

Bug Abuse: Abuse of a bug to benefit or gain advantage beyond the intended normal game play will result in a warning, account suspension or removal from Our services.

Exploitation: Abuse of systems that modify or effect the normal operation of Our services will result in the removal from all services.

Scamming: Scamming Players, or having the intention of doing so, is not considered fair. This also applies to switching items which have similar icons, where the receiving Player may not notice the switch. Players found to be doing so will result in removal from Our services. Exceptions to this rule include, but isn't limited to:

  • Going outside the game mechanics (e.g. making multiple zulie or item trades to bypass limits or restrictions).
  • Trading zulie or items to a holding account to bypass limits or restrictions.
  • Lending an item or zulie to another Player.

Illegal Third Party Program Use: Use of any third party program to modify or effect the normal operation of Our services will result in permanent removal from Our services. Programs which do not appear to be blocked, but have not been created with the sole intention of attempting to bypass Our restrictions, can be used but are forbidden in Player vs Player zones and You must be in full control at all times. Programs may be blocked at any time without prior notification.

IP Limits: Where an IP Limit is active for a feature (e.g. Game Arenas, Seth's Shrine), any attempts to circumvent the limitation by a Player using a proxy, VPN, or other secondary connection to Our game servers may see Your access to that feature be temporarily blocked.

Cross-Server Trading: Attempts to trade any property across Our own game servers (e.g. trading an Item on Our Classic game server for an Item on Our Arua game server) is forbidden and may warrant a temporary account suspension.

Character Squatting: Creating a character with the intention of simply preventing others from using a character name is strictly prohibited and will result in permanent removal from Our services.

Real & Virtual Currency: Attempts to trade any property for real currency or virtual currency across other online games is strictly prohibited and will result in permanent removal from Our services. This also includes the trading of Accounts, Characters, Character Names, Clans, or Clan Names for Zulie.


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