Mining & Harvesting

Mine and Harvest Flowers, Herbs, and Ores

Mining & Harvesting

Arua Only

Need a break from hacking and slashing your way through monsters? Mining and Harvesting provides an alternate way to farm for items with the right tools.

[Farmer] Asani in Adventurer's Plains will provide you with the basic tools to start Mining and Harvesting.

Mining: Ores

Mining & Harvesting

Ores found in underground areas (such as the Goblin Caves) can be mined using a Pickaxe. Higher quality ores will take longer to mine. Use a higher quality pickaxe to help you mine faster.

Ores drop a variety of precious stones such as Crystals, Gems, and pieces of Ore ranging in quality which can be used for Alchemy Crafting.

Harvesting: Flowers & Herbs

Mining & Harvesting

Flowers and Herbs which can be harvested can be seen with an glitter effect in game. Flowers are mainly found in grassy lands (i.e. Adventurer's Plains, Breezy Hills), and Herbs are found in desert lands (i.e. Valley of Luxem Tower, Canyon City of Zant).

Flowers can be harvested using a Shovel, and Herbs with Harvesting Gloves. These tools can be purchased from [Farmer] Asani.

Harvesting a flower rewards Petals or Leafs. Harvesting a Herb rewards Stems or Roots. All of these can be used for Alchemy Crafting.

Alchemy Crafting

Mining & Harvesting

Alchemy Crafting provides a free way to create special Ammunition, Potions, and upgrade Vital Jams.

You must first purchase the Alchemy Crafting skill from [Farmer] Asani. The Alchemy Crafting skill will be found on your Basic skill list once learnt.

The required items can be gathered through either Mining or Harvesting, as stated above.


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