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Create a party with up to 6 other players and fight as a team. As your party defeats monsters, the Party Level will increase. To party another player, select their character then use the 'Party' skill found in your Skill window which you can open using the shortcut ALT + S, or the menu.

Party Options

Party Options

EXP Division allows the party leader to divide the Experience gain up by equal share (each party member receives the same amount), distributed by level (the highest level will receive the most, followed by the second highest level, and so forth) or disabled completely (party members only receive experience for the monsters they kill themselves).

Item Earning Priority allows item drops to be set as Equal Loot Distribution -- when a party member is dropped an item, it belongs to them - or Acquisition Order - any party member can pick up an item drop, and it is given to the next person due to receive a drop.

Party Safe Time

If you're disconnected from the game, don't worry: your party is safe. Parties are saved for up to 15 minutes, so ensure your hard work is not lost by reconnecting before then.

Party Benefits

Once a party is formed, the Party Level will start to increase as party members defeat monsters. Party members will receive 1% bonus experience for every Party Level they achieve, up to a maximum of a 50% bonus (Party Level 50).

Party Buffs

Clerics have special Party Buffs which can only be cast on party members, which provide strong defensive power and will be beneficial to players in all environments.


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