Ensure your question hasn't already been answered below before creating a support ticket.


I've forgotten my Password. #

You can initiated a Password Reset by filling out this form. You will receive an email with further instructions.

Can I recover an account or character if I know the Security Information? #

Yes. Open a ticket giving the Account Name and security information.

I remember my Character Name, but not the Account Name. #

We no longer provide the ability to recover an account simply by knowing the character name due to a rise in deceitful requests. To recover a character, you must remember its account name.

I've forgotten my Security Information. #

If you do know your Account Name and Password, you can reset your Security Information by filling out this form.

If you do not know your Account Name and Password, you cannot reset your Security Information.

Can you tell me what accounts are linked to my email address? #

You can request a list of account names linked to your email address by filling out this form.

My Account has been banned. #

You can check the reason for your account ban by visiting My History. If you wish to contest its reason, you can do so by opening a ticket.

An account ban which was placed more than 3 months ago will not overturned under any circumstances.

My Security Information was changed, but I didn't change it. #

If your account or security information was changed, your email account has been compromised and we are unable to provide you with any support.

Can you update my Password, Security Information or Email Address? #

No. We will not update any account information ourselves.

Can you disable Two-Factor Authentication on my account? #

Only the person who activated Two-Factor Authentication has the ability to disable it.

If you no longer have the device used to set up Two-Factor Authentication, you can use the Recovery Phrase to log into the account and disable it.

Email Address

I do not receive your emails. #

All of our outgoing emails are sent through a dedicated email provider who ensure that all emails are sent. However, we have no control on whether your own email provider (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) allows our emails to land inside your inbox. In some cases, our emails may go to your Spam folder.

If you're still unable to receive emails sent by us, you can open a ticket and we can check with our provider as to the reason.


I have not received my AruaPoints purchase. #

In some cases where additional checks must be carried out, AruaPoint purchases may take 24-48 hours to process.

As we are not a payment processor and have no involvement with your purchase, we are unable to provide you with support for your purchase (unless it was directly through PayPal).

If you have still not received your purchase after 48 hours, please follow the instructions below.

PayPal: Open a ticket and provide your Transaction ID which can be found on the PayPal receipt email.

Payment Wall: Visit the Payment Wall page and click the Help button in the center of the page.

SuperRewards: Visit the SuperRewards page and click the Get Help button in the center of the page.

Others: Open a ticket and provide your Transaction ID which you can be found on your receipt email.

I purchased the wrong item in the Item Mall. Can I receive a refund? #

The Items in our Item Mall are displayed in such a way that it is impossible to attempt to purchase an item other than the one you intended to purchase.

As you have to confirm your purchase before any currency is deducted, which also clearly describes the item you are purchasing, we do not provide refunds to any purchases you make.


Why do I keep getting disconnected? #

Our game requries an internet connection to remain stable so that it can continue to communicate with your game client. If there is a small blip along the way, your may see a 'Server Disconnected' message whilst playing.

There is a quick way to establish where the problem lays:

  • Our Issue: If there are no or very few players in-game, including offline vendors, then our game servers were recently rebooted.
  • Our Issue: If there are no or very few players in-game, but there are offline vendors, then our ISP has a temporary issue.
  • Your Issue: If there are many players in-game, then it's an issue caused by your computer (i.e. your firewall or router), your ISP or a data carrier they use.
  • Your Issue: If there are many players in-game, but players within your area/country are also experiencing the same issue, then it's an issue with your ISP or a data carrier they use.

Due to the way the Internet works, your computer or ISP may appear to be normal for other websites and games. This does not mean that it is not your issue - it is!

If the issue you're experiencing is listed above as Your Issue, you can temporarily bypass the issue by using a VPN. Our forum goes into more depth and provides a list of VPN providers which we recommend.

Why do I keep getting a captcha request? #

If our game server believes you have been using automated "scripting" or "botting" tools, it will start to regularly ask you to verify you are human by requesting a captcha. If you do not reply to the captcha in a timely manner, or enter it incorrectly, you will be disconnected from our game servers.

If you are no longer using automated tools, the game server will still continue to verify you are human until a time at which it is satisfied you no longer are. There is no definitive timescale for when it will stop asking you.

Why can I not execute an attack, move or use a skill? #

Software which can emulate your mouse and keyboard input may conflict with our game client which include AutoHotKey and some Android Emulators. These types of software must be closed whilst the game client is open.

Someone logged into my account and stole my items. #

Ensuring your account remains secure is a responsibilty which we explicity pass onto our players. We provide additional layers of security for your account, such as AruaGuard and Two-Factor Authentication, which automatically blocks any unauthorised attempts to log into your account.

Therefore, if AruaGuard is disabled, we are unable to provide you with any support. To ensure this is clear to our players, a message is shown to all players when logging in who have AruaGuard disabled.

If AruaGuard was enabled and the player had Full Access, they are free to do what they want to your account which includes trading items.

If AruaGuard was enabled but your Security information was changed then refer to the Account section of the FAQ.

I accidentally sold an item to an NPC. Can I get it back? #

No. To buy or sell an item from an NPC, you have to first confirm what you are buying or selling.

I accidentally traded an item to another player. Can I get it back? #

No. To trade an item to another player, you have to first confirm what you are trading.

I accidentally dropped an item. Can I get it back? #

No. To drop an item, you have to first confirm what you are dropping.