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The Warehouse, or Storage, gives players more space to securely store their items. For a small fee, you can place an item into your Warehouse where it will stay until you remove it.

Players have access up to 4 storages, each with 8 pages capable of holding a total of 320 items per storage type.

  • Account Storage: A storage shared by all characters on your account. This storage is fully unlocked for all players.
  • Character Storage: A storage which can only be accessed by one character. A Character Storage Unlock Coupon must be active to use this storage and can be expanded up to 8 pages by using a Character Storage Expansion Coupon.
  • Item Mall Storage: A storage where players can deposit and withdraw items purchased from the Item Mall. It can be expanded up to 8 pages by using a Item Mall Storage Expansion Coupon.
  • Premium Storage: A storage which can only be used by players who subscribe to the Premium Service. It can be expanded up to 8 pages by using a Premium Storage Expansion Coupon.

Storage NPCs

To open your Warehouse, speak to a Storage NPC who can be found in all major cities.

NPC Name Planet Map
[Ferrell Guild Staff] Crow Junon Canyon City of Zant
[Manager of Ferrell] Arothel Junon City of Junon Polis
[Ferrell Guild Banker] Andre Lunar Magic City of the Eucar
[Storage Keeper] Dustin Leta Eldeon Xita Refuge
[Ferrell Guild Banker] Adjo Oro Heliopolis

Storing & Withdrawing Items


To place an item into the Warehouse, speak to a Storage NPC.

Once the warehouse has been opened, drag an item from your Inventory into the warehouse.

If your Inventory does not automatically open, use the shortcut ALT + I, or use the menu.

Deposit & Withdraw Zulie

The warehouse will also let you deposit and withdraw zulie from/to your character.

To deposit zulie, click 'Deposit'. To withdraw zulie, click 'Withdraw'.

The amount of zulie your warehouse currently holds is shown to the left of the buttons.


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