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Weekend Madness
Weekend Madness

This weekend, we're raising the game rates on Arua and party rates on Classic!

Arua v379
Arua v379

New Game Arena AFK/non-participation detection methods, Duel changes, and more.

Arua v377
Arua v377

New rewards to the weekly Lottery, and end-of-game Scoreboard for Game Arenas, new Duel rules, and more.

Arua v374
Arua v374

Tombs of Sorrows instances, Game Arena improvements, and more.

Multiple Servers

Pick which version of ROSE Online you want to play: Arua or Classic. With the features we've developed and the largest ROSE Online community around, both make for a great choice.

Arua is our unique hybrid which pulls together the very best features of ROSE Online, with the continued expansion of our own.

Classic is the vanilla ROSE Online, often referred to as "IROSE", which strips away much of the content and features added to the game after 2005.

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Free To Play

At the core, ROSE Online is a free to play 3D MMORPG. Register for free, download the game and join us in the beautiful colorful world of ROSE Online.

Battle Your Foes

Join our Game Arenas where you can take part in intense Player vs Player battles. Battle Royale, Capture the Fairy, Crystal Defenders, Survival Arena and more.

Market Place

The Market Place gives you complete access to every item being bought and sold across the world of ROSE Online. Use the powerful search tools to find the perfect item for you at the best price.

Player Economy

You control the economy. Collect the must-have items and materials, set up your shop and sell on the market for a profit.