AruaROSE v948 07 Jan 2017 Patch Notes:Added Event Bags to the Events window so that you're able to preview what items each bag contains.Added new achievements:Win a Capture the Fairy Arena.Return your Fairy 3 times d... Read More »
Christmas Event 19 Dec 2016 This Christmas period, we're taking you back to our special Christmas map, Snowflake Town! To get to Snowflake Town, speak to [Christmas Event] Comet found in the City of... Read More »
Christmas Madness 19 Dec 2016 Visitors, This Christmas period, 19th December - 2nd January, we'll be increasing our game rates by 50%! Remember, our Boost Up Event is still on-going - so be sure to ta... Read More »
AruaROSE v947 19 Dec 2016 Patch Notes:Added a popup notification when you unlock an achievement.Added teleport options to the Desert of the Dead and Training Ground scrolls.Added the expiry time to items in the Marke... Read More »
Black Friday: DOUBLE AruaPoints! 24 Nov 2016 Visitors, From Black Friday (25th November) until Cyber Monday (28th November), you will receive DOUBLE ... Read More »