Black Friday: DOUBLE AruaPoints! 24 Nov 2016 Visitors, From Black Friday (25th November) until Cyber Monday (28th November), you will receive DOUBLE ... Read More »
Black Friday Madness 24 Nov 2016 Visitors, This Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend, 27th November - 30th November, we'll be increasing our game rates by 50%! We're also DOUBLING AruaPoint purchases! Reme... Read More »
Weekend Madness 20 Oct 2016 Visitors, This weekend, 21st October - 24th October, we'll be increasing our game rates by 50%! Remember, our Boost Up Event is still on-going - so be sure to take advant... Read More »
AruaROSE v946 20 Oct 2016 Patch Notes:Added new visual effects to the Victorious Toxic weapons.Added "Black Long Ponytail Wig" to the "Long Ponytail Wig Box".Added new items to the Item Mall:You can easily find the n... Read More »
AruaROSE v945 26 Sep 2016 Patch Notes:Added support for account-specific coupons.Added a new 'Preview' window:This replaces the character render in the Inventory (see below).This window will open when previewing... Read More »