Arua v413

New items to collect, new Castle Gear parts, an improved tutorial system, and more.


Patch Notes:
  • Added the following new items:
    • Black Peacock Feather
    • Black Sunset Sandals
    • Black Sunset Swimsuit
    • Black Sunset Visor
    • Black Sunset Wear
    • Blue Fashion Sandals
    • Blue Fashion Swimsuit
    • Blue Magic Animal Boots
    • Blue Magic Animal Hat
    • Blue Magic Animal Outfit
    • Blue Peacock Feather
    • Brown Long Ponytail Wig
    • Cow Nose
    • Cyan Ribbon
    • Fashionable Kimono
    • Fashionable Kimono Gloves
    • Fashionable Kimono Shoes
    • Fashionable Kimono Wig
    • Fox Postman Boots
    • Fox Postman Cap
    • Fox Postman Gloves
    • Fox Postman Outfit
    • Heavygear Schematic
    • Ice Cream Gun
    • Little Rainbow Gloves
    • Little Rainbow Hood
    • Little Rainbow Shoes
    • Little Rainbow Suit
    • Paragon Cape
    • Purple Sunset Sandals
    • Purple Sunset Swimsuit
    • Purple Sunset Visor
    • Purple Sunset Wear
    • Ring of Wonder
    • Red Fashion Sandals
    • Red Fashion Swimsuit
    • Stone Ring
    • Summer Flower Hat
    • Sunglasses Wig
    • White Ribbon
    • Yellow Oracle Gloves
    • Yellow Oracle Outfit
    • Yellow Oracle Shoes
  • Added the following new Castle Gear parts:
    • Blue Armored Beetle Arms
    • Blue Armored Beetle Core
    • Blue Armored Beetle Leg
    • Heavygear Arms
    • Heavygear Core
    • Heavygear Engine
    • Heavygear Wheels
    • Red Armored Beetle Arms
    • Red Armored Beetle Core
    • Red Armored Beetle Leg
    • White Armored Beetle Arms
    • White Armored Beetle Core
    • White Armored Beetle Leg
  • Added new achievements.
  • Added a new tutorial system which features a new interface and additional tutorials.
  • Added a choice of Starting Gift when creating a character.
  • Added a few map item drops to Forsaken Village of Menes.
  • Added a notification when the Equal Share party rule can't be set due to the player level difference.
  • Blocked Duel on some maps such as Amentet's Sacrifices and the Quiz Event.
  • Edited the Oro Instance:
    • Dead players will now automatically respawn after remaining dead for 20 seconds.
  • Edited the large map (Alt + M) so that it can be moved.
  • Edited the visual effect of the Space Attack skill.
  • Edited the tooltips for Experience and Stamina to display their exact amounts:
    • It has also been made easier to view the Experience when hovering over it.
  • Edited the mini-map:
    • You can now insert Map Links into the chat by Shift + Left clicking on the mini-map.
  • Edited how the success rate is shown on skill tooltips.
  • Edited your status tooltips to display how much an ability is being affected by the status.
  • Edited the description of quests to state what type of quest it is.
  • Edited the Flying Pumpkin and FrostWorm Mounts to show the rider's back item.
  • Edited "The Scheme" quest to allow players to sprinkle the Odorous Sweat from any side of the pyramid.
  • Edited the names and icons of certain skills.
  • Edited the colour of names in the Party window:
    • Orange: The player is your current target and selected in the Party window.
    • Yellow: The player is your current target.
    • Green: The player is selected in the Party window (meaning they can then be kicked or made leader).
  • Edited the Party window so only the Party Leader can have other members selected.
  • Edited passive skill books to display how much they increase the ability by.
  • Edited the Game Arena notifications so that players can click through them.
  • Edited the Luna Quest Board so that it isn't readable if the player doesn't understand the Luna language.
  • Edited and improved dozens of item descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug where the HP and MP in Arenas weren't fully regenerated after respawning.
  • Fixed certain quests not starting correctly if the player had only 1 free inventory space.
  • Fixed visual issues with certain items.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from clicking in some spaces when the mini-map was minimized.
  • Fixed players being able to move outside of map boundaries.
  • Fixed some beginner tutorials displaying for Reborn characters.
  • Fixed memory leaks caused by the Detect skill and certain consumables.
  • Fixed certain Oro monsters always starting their initial attack on the same player whilst other players were nearby.
  • Fixed characters, who are in the process of being deleted, not performing the intended animation sometimes.
  • Fixed the appearance of the large Geb Desert map.
  • Fixed some unintended items being usable whilst riding.
  • Fixed certain quests where their map markers could remain after the quest had been completed.
  • Fixed some visual effects not showing when casting certain skills.
  • Fixed the Desert of the Dead respawn locations being inconsistent with the teleport scroll.
  • Fixed sitting players instantly sitting down again after casting a single skill.
  • Fixed some locations where players could become stuck in the terrain.
  • Fixed certain quest rewards not showing on the Armory.
  • Fixed lack of visual indication after resetting skills from a NPC.
  • Fixed Armory displaying map item drops that didn't drop for some Oro maps.
  • Improved the position of map markers for certain quests.
  • Improved the appearance of the Hawker and Muse skill trees.
  • Increased the item quality values of the Persecutor Masks.
  • Reduced the duration of the Attack Down[95%] status that some monsters inflict.
  • Reduced the glow intensity of the Super Eldeon bosses.
  • Reduced the hitbox size of several PvP zone monsters.
  • Reduced the size of the Journal window.
  • Removed the auto-respawn from Geb Desert when the Super Aleksandros is alive.
  • Renamed Soldier Sword to Spatha.
  • Renamed Rookie Sword to Acolyte Sword.
  • Renamed the Dumb status to Mute.
  • Renamed the Faint status to Stun.

  • Added Champion Clamor skill to the Soldier skill tree:
    • Scream a piercing howl to daze nearby enemies.
  • Edited the Stat and Skill reset:
    • Players below Level 100 can now freely use the reset service as many times as they wish.
  • Edited the beginner conversation with Arua's Fairy.
  • Edited the bonus 10 Stat Points reward:
    • Players are now given this reward after choosing their first job class/BoostUp if they didn't already get it from Arua's Fairy.
  • Increased the duration of some PvE Luna Icicles, excluding the Black and White Icicles.
  • Junon's Union War:
    • The Dusk Crystal will now only spawn after 5 minutes have been played in the game.
  • Reduced the balancing stats for players below Level 185 in Union Wars.
  • Reduced the cooldown of the Glacial skill.
  • Reduced the weight of dozens of items including unique weapons.

  • Added Tirwin Wing to the SubItem Craft skill.
  • Added Tirwin Feather to Pastor of the Abyss monster's drop table.
  • Edited the following skills:
    • Binding/Shackle Arrow: Reduced the skill's duration.
    • Mild: Increased the Base Success Rate. Reduced the skill's duration.
    • Silence: Increased the Base Success Rate. Reduced the skill's duration.
  • Fixed being able to complete the Masters in the Abyss quest without being in a party.
  • Junon's Union War:
    • The Dusk Crystal will no longer spawn in the game.

Patch v415 changes:
  • Achievements that are no longer obtainable (i.e AruaPoint quests) will no longer count towards the unlocked achievement total:
    • These achievements will now display with a red name if you have them unlocked, otherwise they are hidden.
  • Edited the Explorer achievements:
    • The requirements for these achievements have changed and they have become locked again for players who obtained them previously.
  • Edited the Give Me More Experience achievement so that it can be unlocked without Item Mall medals.
  • Fixed the Unlocked/Locked filters not working correctly when viewing All achievements.
  • Edited Sikuku Ruins so that Vending Shops can be opened in the PvE sections of the map.
  • Increased the cooldown of the Champion Clamor skill.
  • Increased item quality values of the Redfield Green/Black/Red/Blue Gloves.
  • Increased the weight of the Dark Asmodeus Ritual Blade and Dark Warmaster Sword.
  • Reduced the weight of level 135+ Two Handed Swords.
  • Reduced the drop rate of the Heavygear Schematic.


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