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Many monsters can be captured and turned into your own personal pets. Pets can be obtained through drops, quests, events, and the Item Mall.

Pet Skins

Pet Skin

A Pet Skin customizes the look of your pet. For example, if you equip a Jelly Bean Pet Skin, it'll take the appearance of a Jelly Bean.

Pet Accessories
Arua Only

Pet Accessories

You can equip up to 3 accessories for your pet. Accessories include Auto Pick Up, Experience Bonuses and Stat Bonuses.

2 accessory slots are unlocked to every player, for free. The third accessory slot can be unlocked by purchasing a Pet Accessory Coupon from the Item Mall.

Auto Pick-Up Accessory
Arua Only

When an item drops to the ground, it can have a variety of permissions, including:

  • Free for All: This means that anyone can pick the drop up, as it is not assigned or owned by anyone.
  • Player Owned: This means that the drop has been assigned to a player, and only they can pick up the drop.
  • Party Owned: This means that the drop has been assigned to a party, and anyone in the party can pick up the drop. The drop is then given to a player based on an order of distribution.

When an Auto Pick-Up Accessory is equipped, the pet will only attempt to pick up drops which are Player Owned or Party Owned, but assigned or owned to you. This means that if you didn't have the accessory equipped and another player attempted to pick up the drop, they would not be able to pick up the drop and the "This item does not belong to you" error would be shown to the player.

The Auto Pick-Up Accessory does not have the ability to change the permission of a drop: it cannot "steal" the drop of another player, or override the permission of the drop in any way.

Therefore, having the Auto Pick-Up Accessory equipped makes no difference as to who picks up a drop or not, it simply makes life a little easier for players who use the accessory.

Naming Your Pet

You can customize the name of your pet by purchasing a Pet Name Coupon from the Item Mall. This coupon allows you to rename your pet an unlimited amount of times for 28 days.


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