Beginners Guide

A quick guide to getting started in Arua

Server Choice


Before getting into the game, the first choice you need to make is which server to play: Arua or Classic. With the features we've developed and the largest gaming community around, both make for a great choice.

  • Arua is our unique hybrid which pulls together the very best features of the base game, with the continued expansion of our own. With higher game rates, players can expect a faster leveling experience.
  • Classic is the vanilla game, often referred to as "IROSE", which strips away much of the content and features added to the game after 2005. With low game rates, players will have a slower, more rewarding experience.

Our Servers Guide explains the differences between the two in more detail. Select the desired server on the log in screen.

Character Creation

Creating a Character

If you're not a returning player, you will need to create your first character before you can get into the game. Character creation allows you to fully customise the appearance of your avatar. Previews of all available faces and hairs are shown during the creation process.

Arua Only

Birthstones provide players with bonus stats depending on which birthstone is selected.

Birthstone Bonus #1 Bonus #2
Amethyst +9% Strength +9% Dexterity
Black Oynx +9% Concentration +9% Sensibility
Blue Flame +9% Movement Speed
Diamond +7% Attack Power
Emerald +12% Sensibility
Garnet +12% Dexterity
Pink Opal +5% Defence +5% Magic Defence
Peridot +10% Attack Speed
Ruby +12% Strength
Sapphire +12% Concentration
Topaz +12% Intelligence
Tourmaline +20% Charm
Joining The Game

Arua's Fairy

When you first enter the game, you will be taken to Adventurer's Plains. Arua's Fairy, a Visitor Guide, is waiting to assist you as you begin your adventure through Arua. She will introduce you to the basic features of the game.

Level Up

As you begin to kill monsters and level up, guides will pop up giving you useful tips. Make sure you read them all!


Once you have completed your Tutorial Quest, return to Arua's Fairy and tell her you are ready to set off into the wide world. After this, you should head for the main town where you should introduce yourself to all of the NPCs. Your adventure in Arua starts here.

Quest Boards

Quest Boards are great way to level up, and you will find Quest Boards in all the major cities. Players will find that quests suit their level and give generous rewards. Read more about Quest Boards here.


Once you reach Level 10, you should make your way to the Canyon City of Zant where you should speak to the Akram Kingdom Minister, Warren, to begin your first class change quest.


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