Arua v412

New Season of Love items to collect, Clan Skills improvements, and more.


Patch Notes:
  • Added the following new Season of Love event items:
    • Brown Wrapped Dress
    • Brown Wrapped Gloves
    • Brown Wrapped Hat
    • Brown Wrapped Shoes
    • Lemon Sweetmaker Gloves
    • Lemon Sweetmaker Hat
    • Lemon Sweetmaker Shoes
    • Lemon Sweetmaker Suit
    • Milk Sweetmaker Gloves
    • Milk Sweetmaker Hat
    • Milk Sweetmaker Shoes
    • Milk Sweetmaker Suit
    • Strawberry Sweetmaker Gloves
    • Strawberry Sweetmaker Hat
    • Strawberry Sweetmaker Shoes
    • Strawberry Sweetmaker Suit
  • Edited the appearance of the Mini-Map.
  • Edited skills on the Quickbars to display their Skill Power.
  • Edited the top left information box so that it can be moved.
  • Edited new characters to start with basic skills placed on the 1st Quickbar.
  • Edited the large map to display the planet's name.
  • Edited the Journal to state if a quest can't be completed due to its seasonal event having ended.
  • Edited the majority of Mounts to now show the rider's back item.
  • Edited the appearance of the zombie featured in the Episode Quest.
  • Edited how the item set bonus is shown on item tooltips.
  • Fixed Sikuku Wardens being able to cast Mute on themselves.
  • Fixed the PAT stats displaying incorrectly in the Inventory window.
  • Fixed not being able to open Map Links if the map was located on a different planet to you:
    • Reminder: You can insert Map Links into the chat by Shift + Left clicking on the large map.
  • Fixed Attack Speed not showing on PAT weapon tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause slow asset loading on the character creator and when previewing items under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a visual issue that could occur with the HP/MP gauges when they were regenerating.
  • Fixed issues related to consuming buff scrolls and then changing equipment.
  • Fixed an incorrect visual effect occuring briefly after consuming certain buff scrolls.
  • Improved the rotation of gems in the Rose Staff weapons.
  • Increased the rewards given from the Season of Love questline.
  • Increased the size of the system chat.
  • Reduced the size of large hitboxes on certain monsters.
  • The mouse wheel can now be used on character selection to scroll through your character list.

  • Added Conjurer's set to the Arumic union shop.
  • Added new Junon quests.
  • Added Summon Power attribute:
    • This attribute increases the Attack Power, Defence Power and Magic Resistance of your summoned monsters.
  • Added new Item Mall items.
  • Added The Colosseum (Royal Skirmish) game arena:
    • Thanks to Gibster for creating this map!
  • Edited new characters to start with Visitor Sandals and the Dual Scratch basic skill.
  • Edited the Clan Board:
    • Removed Clan Missions that were based on killing other players outside of Game Arenas.
  • Edited Clan Skills:
    • The Clan Fund and material cost of re-activating Clan Skills have been reduced by 50%.
  • Edited the Oro Instance:
    • The Wormorg Eggs will no longer become immune to damage when the B3 Switch is activated.
  • Edited the Cursed Flame and Oppression Flame gems to increase the user's Summon Power.
  • Edited the Episode Quest:
    • Certain quest items have been made easier to obtain, such as the Crystal Key.
  • Edited the Paralyzing the Sikuku (Arumic) Quest:
    • The Paralyzing Potion is no longer guaranteed to be rewarded on every monster kill.
  • Edited the Hawker Job Change Quest:
    • Increased the amount of Crystal Dew obtained from the Jelly King and Spotted Choropy monsters.
  • Edited the cooldown visual display on skill icons to tick down from 100%, regardless of your Charm.
  • Increased the casting animation speed of the Berserk, Hawker Spirit, Sharpen Arrow, Speed Shot, Sprint, Stealth and Trigger Finger skills.
  • Increased the amount of HP recovered whilst sitting.
  • Increased the amount of HP obtained from picking up a Health Point drop.
  • Increased the spawns of the Mother Choropy, Red Jelly Bean, and Spotted Choropy monsters.
  • Increased the movement speed of most Summon Capsule monsters to match their enemy monster equivalent.
  • Reduced the cooldown and duration of the Stealth skill.
  • Reduced the item quality values of certain event items.
  • Removed the Soldier/Hawker requirement from the low level Backshields, Crow Wing and Little Devil Wing.
  • Removed the Canyon City of Zant quest board:
    • The rewards from the quest board have been moved to new and existing quests.

  • Reduced the stat scaling of lower level players in the Union War.
  • Removed the account bound restriction from certain Halloween and Christmas items.


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