Seasonal Server: Season 2 Launching

Seasonal Server: Season 2, launching Saturday, April 27th.


This Saturday, April 27th, Season 2 of our Seasonal Server is launching!

Experience the game in a way that will be completely chaotic, but hopefully providing a short term challenge and fun for anyone who wants to try it out

In Season 1, we enabled these perks:
  • Stats: Doubled stat points per level & increased stat cap.
  • U.R.F. Mode: 75% skill cooldown reduction on all skills.
  • Death Experience: Experience resets to 0% upon death.
  • Regeneration: HP/MP regeneration disabled.
In Season 2, we're keeping these perks and adding 5 new perks along with a variety of gameplay changes, where some features and items may be disabled or changed.

Season 2 launches Saturday 27th April 12:00pm CDT (check the countdown here, or check the local game time directly in the game).

To take part in this season, simply select Server: Seasonal on the login window in the game.


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