Arua v416

Introducing the Auction House, new items to collect, new Lottery prizes, and more.

Patch Notes:
  • Added the Auction House:
  • Added the following new items:
    • Black Sea Wolf Boots
    • Black Sea Wolf Gloves
    • Black Sea Wolf Hat
    • Black Sea Wolf Tunic
    • Duke Pet
    • Red Sea Wolf Boots
    • Red Sea Wolf Gloves
    • Red Sea Wolf Hat
    • Red Sea Wolf Tunic
    • Top Bidder Emblem
    • White Money Player Gloves
    • White Money Player Hat
    • White Money Player Outfit
    • White Money Player Shoes
    • Yellow Money Player Gloves
    • Yellow Money Player Hat
    • Yellow Money Player Outfit
    • Yellow Money Player Shoes
    • Zulie Coin Glasses
  • Added Vending History window:
  • Added new achievements and titles to unlock.
  • Added Top Bidder Emblem:
    • Every Friday, after the lottery draw, this emblem will become available on the Auction House.
  • Added Auction House Boxes:
    • Speak to a Market Place Manager to get started.
  • Edited the weekly lottery:
    • Added Zulie Coin Glasses as an additional reward for winning the lottery.
    • Edited [Event Info] Felice Fete to display how many tickets have currently been sold for the week's draw.
    • Players can now input the exact amount of tickets that they wish to purchase.
  • Edited the Pastor of the Abyss monster to be less likely to run away.
  • Edited the "Stop those Mammoths!" union quest to involve Dreadnaughts instead of Mammoths.
  • Edited the "A Rotten Investigation" union quest to involve Sikuku Leaders instead of Rotten Elementals.
  • Edited the appearance of the feminine Little Rainbow set.
  • Edited the Commander Spirit monster to cast its AOE skill less frequently.
  • Edited the buying confirmation to display the item when buying from vending shops.
  • Edited the Normal Attack skill so that it can be used on enemy players.
  • Edited the crafting window to prevent crafting materials being added if they have a gem socketed.
  • Fixed a debuff delay issue with the Allurer and Pastor of the Abyss monsters.
  • Fixed a visual bug that could cause your HP to not decrease when afflicted with the Frostbite status.
  • Fixed a client crash related to following another player and casting an ally target skill.
  • Fixed players being able to obtain more than the required Shamanic Artifacts during the Forgotten Temple Investigation quest.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could prevent the Tombs of Sorrows dungeon progressing after the Baby Mammoths had been freed.
  • Fixed the player getting stuck after opening multiple NPC crafting windows at the same time.
  • Fixed a few Calamity weapons having different weight to their normal weapon equivalents.
  • Fixed a client crash that would occur when previewing the Box of Summon Skins inside the Silver Arena Chest.
  • Fixed certain Mummy monsters having very large hitboxes.
  • Fixed a client crash that would occur when closing the game client whilst having a Cart passenger.
  • Fixed monster aggression in the Oro Instance not working as intended sometimes.
  • Renamed the Oro Instance chests.

Game Arenas:
  • Reward criteria for Junon's Union War and Luna's Union War have changed, and will now be based on what your team objective was for that session.

An additional update, Arua v417, was also released:
  • Auction House:
    • Added two new 'Sort By' filters:
      • Date (Newest)
      • Date (Oldest)
    • Clicking the row of an auction that has ended will now open its armory page on the main Auction House window.
    • Clicking the row of some histories shown on My Auctions will now open its armory page.
    • Characters who have Reborn at least once will be able to access the Auction House at any level.
    • Renamed the 'Date (Starting)' sort by filter to 'Date (Longest)'


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