The Warehouse, or Storage, gives players more space to store their items. For a small fee, you can place an item into your Warehouse where it will stay until you remove it. Each account has one Warehouse, and all characters under the account share the same Warehouse.

Storage NPCs

To open your Warehouse, speak to one of the NPCs below. Storage NPCs can be found in all major cities.

NPC Name Planet Map
[Ferrell Guild Staff] Crow Junon Canyon City of Zant
[Manager of Ferrell] Arothel Junon City of Junon Polis
[Ferrell Guild Banker] Andre Lunar Magic City of the Eucar
[Storage Keeper] Dustin Leta Eldeon Xita Refuge
[Ferrell Guild Banker] Adjo Oro Heliopolis

Storing & Withdrawing Items


To place an item into the Warehouse, speak to a Storage NPC (see above).

Once the warehouse has been opened, drag an item from your Inventory into the warehouse.

If your Inventory does not automatically open, use the shortcut ALT + I, or use the menu.

Deposit & Withdraw Zulie


The warehouse will also let you deposit and withdraw Zulie from/to your character.

To deposit Zulie, click 'Deposit'. To withdraw Zulie, click 'Withdraw'.

The amount of zulie your warehouse currently holds is shown to the left of the buttons.