Similar to Clans, Unions are a community of allianced players. Unlike Clans, however, Unions are controlled by NPCs rather than players. There are four main Unions to choose from: Arumic, Ferrell Guild, Junon Order and the Righteous Crusaders. Each Union has a certain extent of authority on economy, politics, public orders, magic, arts and religion. Each faction has its own alliances and hostilities, and different events can occur as a result of the complexity of the relationships between factions.


Join a Union


To join a Union, speak to one of the following NPCs found in the City of Junon Polis. You must be Level 30 or higher and have 30,000z to donate.

Arumic: Chester

Ferrell Guild: Arothel

Junon Order: Raw

Righteous Crusaders: Gawain

Union Points


Union Points can be gained by completing various Union tasks, such as Union Quests or the Union War. These can be spent in the Union Point Shops.

The amount of Union Points your character has can be seen on the Union tab of the Character window. Use the shortcut ALT + A, or use the menu then click the Union tab at the top.

Union Point Shop


The Union Point Shop allows Union members to spend their gathered points on unique items.

To look at your Unions shop, speak to one of the following NPCs found in the City of Junon Polis.

Arumic: Carasia

Ferrell Guild: Charrs

Junon Order: Gorthein

Righteous Crusaders: Huffe

Union Quests & Devotions


The Unions operate across all of the planets in the game. Each planet has a number of Union quests that players can complete.

Union NPCs can be found in the major cities of each planet: City of Junon Polis, Magic City of the Eucar*, and Xita Refuge*.

* Some Union Quests require you to first devote to your Union. This shows that you are a true Union member and, once devoted, you will never be able to leave your Union.

To begin the Devotion Quest, speak to the Akram King, Willhelm, in the City of Junon Polis.

Union War

The Union War is a battle of strength and training. Alliances are formed between Arumic & Junon Order and Ferrell Guild & Righteous Crusaders.

One team must defend their Crystals, whilst the other must attack them. Team work is essential to becoming the victors of the battle.

As complete your battle objective, you will also receive a generous reward at the end of the Union War. Every kill counts -- the more you kill, the greater your reward!

Union War

Be quick! Teams only have 30 minutes to win the Union War. If the time expires, the Defending team are victorious.

When registrations open, a joining window will appear on the screen of all players who fulfil the requirements to join the Union War. You can check the schedule for the Union War by opening the Game Arena (ALT + P) window.