To manage the skills on your character, open the Skills window by using the shortcut ALT + S or clicking the Skills menu option.

Any skills that you have learnt will be shown in the lists. To level up a skill, click the [+] button next to the skill.

There are three types of skills which you can learn:

A Basic Skill allows your character to perform a basic action, such as Sit, Trade or an emotion.

An Active Skill allows you to cast a skill on yourself, allies or enemies.

A Passive Skill increases (or decreases) an ability on your character.

To increase the level of a skill, you must spend Skill Points which you automatically receive as you level up. The total amount of skill points available to you are shown at the bottom of the Skill window.

Clicking the Skill Tree button will open the skill tree for your class.

Learning Skills

To learn a new skill, click the Skill Tree button. The Skill Tree will show you all skills available for your class and the upgrade path for each skill.

To learn a new skill, click the [+] button or click directly on the icon of the skill. Once learnt, you can then upgrade your skill either in the Skill or Skill Tree window by clicking the [+] button.

Level 200 Skills

At Level 200, you are able to learn an additional skill. Once you've completed the skill quest, you are given the choice of two skills - you can only learn one.

To begin the quest, speak to [Lost Traveler] Mica in the City of Junon Polis.