Want to breathe new life into that old Axe? Has your Sword become a little blunt, or want to make your armor shine a little? Refine it! Refined armor and weapons boosts your attributes, making you more powerful on the battlefield. It comes with a little risk, but these are outweighed by the benefits.

Step 1

Find an item to refine -- armor or weapon -- and collect all the necessary materials to refine it with. You'll need some Chemical Materials, Refinement Material and Hearts if you plan to refine your item above +3. The amount of materials you will need changes depending on the items refinement level -- check out the table for an overview.

A range of Chemical Materials can be used for refining. They can all be found under 'Chemical Materials' on the Armory. The Quality of material affects the Success Rate of refining, so try to get higher quality materials!

Refinement Level Chemical Materials Refinement Materials Hearts
+1 3 5x Low Essence
+2 4 7x Essence
+3 5 9x Low Ether 1x Black Heart
+4 6 11x Ether 1x Green Heart
+5 7 13x High Ether 1x Blue Heart
+6 8 15x Elixir 2x Pink Hearts
+7 9 18x Hime 2x Red Hearts
+8 10 22x Low Enthiric 2x Golden Hearts
+9 12 25x Enthiric 3x White Hearts

Step 2

Speak to one of the Refining NPCs -- only they have the power to refine an item. Click the option to 'Refine an item' or 'Upgrade an item'.

NPC Name Planet Name Map Name
[Weapon Craftsman] Mairath Junon Breezy Hills
[Ferrell Guild Staff] Kiroth Junon City of Junon Polis
[Smith] Pavrick Lunar Magic City of the Eucar
[Smith] Nel Eldora Eldeon Xita Refuge
[Smith] Monifa Oro Heliopolis
[Smith] Fikri Oro Ramesses Mines

Step 3


Place the item you wish to refine into the Target Item slot. The required refinement materials will be shown in the boxes below it.

Drag all of the required refinement materials into the refine window. The Success Rate and Cost will be shown.

When you are ready, click 'Begin'.


The item will begin to start its refinement process.

If the refine is successful, a 'Success' animation will be shown and a confirmation window will be shown.

If the refine fails, a 'Failed' animation will be shown. The item may decrease in attributes or refinement level if a refinement fails. In the worst case, your item may be taken.