If you fancy a new challenge, why not Reborn your character? At the level cap, you have the option to completely reset* your character and start over.

You do not receive any bonuses which would otherwise create imbalance in the game. Instead, we give you a unique icon above your character, an extra set of achievements to unlock, another chance at unlocking any achievements you previously missed, access to the Reborn Shop and a real sense of achievement.

You are also able to choose a new class once Reborn.

* We don't reset your Achievements, Items or Zulie.


To Reborn your character, open the Character window by using the shortcut ALT + A or clicking the Character menu option.

You can Reborn your character up to 10 times. After your first Reborn, some bonuses are removed - such as gaining experience whilst Crafting and the ability to use our Boost Up event on your character.

Each time you Reborn your character, the amount of experience you receive from Monsters and Quests significantly decreases.

Check out the Reborn Rankings on the Armory.