Game Arenas

The Game Arenas are Games, Instances and Raids that players can take part in to receive special rewards. There are four types of Arenas: Player vs. Player (PvP), Player vs. Environment (PvE), Party vs. Party and Racing.

Game Arena

Currently available Game Arenas can by viewed by clicking the Game Arena icon on the menu or use the shortcut ALT + P.

Each Game Arena has specific requirements. Basic level requirements are shown below the Level heading and further requirements will be shown in the description below.

The Status of an Arena shows whether you can Sign Up to it or not.

  • Sign Up: You can sign up to this Arena by clicking the Sign Up button below.
  • Locked: This Arena is currently locked and you cannot sign up to it.
  • Started: This Arena has started and you cannot sign up to it.
  • Unavailable: You do not meet the requirements of this Arena.

The Queue shows how many players are either queuing or currently taking part in that Arena.

To join a Game Arena, select it in the list then click the Sign Up button on the bottom-right corner.

Rankings & Leaderboards

When you complete an Arena, you will receive Arena Experience and Arena Score depending on the type of Arena completed.

  • PvE Arenas: High Arena Experience, low Arena Score.
  • PvP Arenas: Low Arena Experience, high Arena Score.

To view your current Arena Score, Level and Experience, click the Rankings button in the bottom-left corner.

Game Arena

Your current Arena Score determines which Ranked Tier you are placed into. There are 5 Divisions each with 3 Tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

You will automatically be promoted or demoted to other divisions and tiers depending on your Arena Score.

If you do not take part in a PvP Arena at least once every two weeks, your Arena Score will begin to decay. It is possible to be demoted to other Ranked Tiers when your Arena Score decays.

Each Ranked Tier has its own identifying badge and is displayed next to a players name.

Game Arena

To view the Leaderboards, select the Tier using the drop-down box on the right side. Each page shows 10 players and you can navigate between pages using the two arrow buttons at the bottom.

Arena Level & Experience

Similar to your Characters level, your Arena Level will begin to increase as you gain Arena Experience. Your current Arena Level and Experience can be viewed above the Leaderboards.

In the future, you will be able to purchase items from an Arena Shop and you must have a particular Arena Level to purchase and use these items.