Feeling tough? Challenge a friend or foe to a duel outside of a Player vs. Player area and prove to all spectators you are the superior one!

To send a 'Duel' request to another player, right-click them and select 'Duel'. The setup window will show which allows you to decide what you wish to bet and the host is able to select various rules.

Once the Duel is confirmed and begins, the winner will receive the other players bet in full. Any items won will be deposited to their Premium Storage. Zulie is given directly to the player.

A summary of the Duel rules and scores can be seen on the left side of the game.

Once the Duel starts, a red circle effect will appear. This is the boundaries of the duel area and you cannot move out of this area.

You can Duel in any map at any time. Good luck!