Clans, or Guilds, are social groups for people who want to have fun whilst playing AruaROSE together. Membership to a clan is by invitation only and give you access to special priviledges. As a member of a clan, you can chat to other clan members no matter where they are and complete quests together.

Clan Creation

Create Clan

Creating your own clan is easy! Find Burtland, the Clan Owner, in the City of Junon Polis.

For a small fee of 1,000,000z, Burtland will let you create a clan and customise it how you want. You get to choose your own clan name, slogan and clan mark to give your clan a unique look!

Feeling artistic? Create your own unique clan mark!

Clan Points, Clan Grades & Clan Contribution

To rank clans against one another, clans can collect Clan Points. Clan Points drop from monsters in all Clan Fields. As your Clan Points incease, you can increase your Clan Grade. Players also have their own rankings within a clan through Clan Contribution. As you collect Clan Points, your own contribution will increase.

To increase your Clan Grade, speak to Burtland in the City of Junon Polis.

The Armory allows players to view Clan Grade, Clan Points and Clan Contribution leaderboards.

Clan Grade Upgrade Cost Clan Points Maximum Members
Grade 1 1,000,000z 15
Grade 2 3,000,000z 1,000 23
Grade 3 10,000,000z 5,000 32
Grade 4 20,000,000z 25,000 42
Grade 5 30,000,000z 75,000 65
Grade 6 50,000,000z 250,000 78

Clan Fields

As a member of a clan, you are given access to various Clan Fields. Battle your way through tough monsters to increase your clans grade. Remember, collecting Clan Points also adds to your own Clan Contribution counter!

Create Clan

Junon Clan Field

Level 20 - 105

Speak to [Clan Owner] Burtland in the City of Junon Polis.

Create Clan

Lunar Clan Field

Level 135 - Level 155

Speak to [Shamanist] Est in the Crystal Snowfields.

Create Clan

Eldeon Clan Field

Level 160 - Level 200

Speak to [Raknu Chief] Darka Khan in Xita Refuge.

Create Clan

Oro Clan Field

Level 210 - 240

Speak to [Teleporter] Bahiti in the Ramesses Mines.