As you complete tasks in-game, you may also unlock Achievements! Achievements allows players to chase other goals in the game and when you unlock an achievement, you may also get further rewards like zulie, equipment or a new title!

You can also compete against others by unlocking achievements as every achievement unlocked will increase your GamerScore. All rankings are available in our Armory.


Open the achievements window by using the shortcut ALT + W or clicking the Achievements menu option.

Achievements that you've unlocked will be highlighted in yellow. Locked and secret achievements will be shown in white with a question mark on their icons.

There are many different categories of achievements. Selecting a category on the left will show the achievements for that specific category. Some categories may also have sub-categories which you can filter using the drop-down menu at the top of the window.


When you unlock an Achievement, a notification will appear at the top of the game client allowing you to set your Emblem. You can set your Emblem for any unlocked Achievement by holding CTRL + clicking on its icon.