Beginners Guide

Arua's Fairy

When you first enter the game, you will be taken to Adventurer's Plains. Arua's Fairy, a Visitor Guide, is waiting to assist you as you begin your adventure through ROSE Online. She will introduce you to the basic features of the game.


As you begin to kill monsters and level up, guides will pop up giving you useful tips. Make sure you read them all!

Adventurer's Plains

Once you have completed your Tutorial Quest, return to Arua's Fairy and tell her you are ready to set off into the wide world. She will take you to Adventurer's Plains, and you should head for the main town where you should speak to all of the NPCs.

Quest Boards

Quest Boards are great way to level up. You will find Quest Boards in all the major cities in ROSE Online. Players will find that quests suit their level and give generous rewards.


Once you reach Level 10, you should make your journey to the Canyon City of Zant, where you should speak to the Akram Kingdom Minister, Warren, to begin your first class change quest.