Arua v411

New Christmas items to collect, Christmas themed Stronghold decorations to purchase, and more.


Patch Notes:
  • Added the following new Christmas Event items:
    • Blue Santa Claus Boots
    • Blue Santa Claus Gloves
    • Blue Santa Claus Hat
    • Blue Santa Claus Outfit
    • Crosstree
    • Festive Snowman Dress
    • Festive Snowman Gloves
    • Festive Snowman Hat
    • Festive Snowman Shoes
    • Green Christmas Glamour Gloves
    • Green Christmas Glamour Hat
    • Green Christmas Glamour Outfit
    • Green Christmas Glamour Shoes
    • Red Snowmobile
    • Snowman Costume Body
    • Snowman Costume Gloves
    • Snowman Costume Head
    • Snowman Costume Boots
    • Snowman Hammer
    • Wreath Katar
  • Added Christmas themed Stronghold decorations for purchase from [Clan Advisor] Quintin.
  • Added a new reward set to Santa's Christmas present.
  • Added new Item Mall items.
  • Added new items to be rewarded from the Event Team.
  • Added item disassemble to [Lojala Smith] Ekblovo in Memphis.
  • Edited the Hide and Stealth skills:
    • The invisibility is now removed from the player when the attack animation starts.
  • Edited picking up items:
    • Players can now grab item drops that have become stuck or unobtainable (i.e landed on a rock).
    • Simply click on the item, or use the Pick Up skill, to grab the item.
  • Edited the Visitor, Veteran and Elite Oro Instances:
    • Players now must have 3x Proof of Boss Exterminations to receive the rewards.
    • The quest descriptions now state the Proof of Boss Extermination requirement.
  • Edited [Akram Kingdom Minister] Warren, in Zant, to give players the option to view all the job skill trees.
  • Edited the name colour of rare Pet Skins, that drop from bosses, to be light blue.
  • Edited the Christmas quests to show the Item Preview window before the player confirms their reward.
  • Edited the colour of the debuff system messages, that you've inflicted on a target, to be blue.
  • Edited and improved the text and presentation of certain Christmas quests.
  • Edited the Birthstone information to include detailed stat information.
  • Fixed players being able to bypass certain invisible walls in the Survival Arena.
  • Increased the amount of Christmas Gift Bags rewarded from certain Christmas quests.

  • Added a glow to the unique Junon and Luna monsters.

  • Edited the Survival Arena and Union War to only reward the Combatant's Chest to the 1st place/winning team.
  • Edited the stat scaling of players in the Union War to affect lower level characters, instead of all characters.
  • Removed Amethyst, Archangel Feather, Archdevil Feather, Black Onyx, Lisent (Au), Pink Opal, and White Heart items from the Combatant's Chest.


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