Arua v398

New additions to our Classic server, new Summer items to collect, a new Clan v Clan Arena, and more.

Patch Notes:
  • Added quest markers to NPC conversations.
  • Added The Colosseum (Eldeon) Clan Arena.
  • Added the following new Summer Event items:
    • Blue Mariner Buoy
    • Blue Mariner Look
    • Blue Mariner Sandals
    • Blue Mariner Visor
    • Orange Beach Parka
    • Red Mariner Buoy
    • Red Mariner Look
    • Red Mariner Sandals
    • Red Mariner Visor
    • Surf Longboard (Mount)
    • Whale Launcher
    • White Beach Parka
  • Duels will now be automatically declined whilst the Crafting window is open.
  • Edited the Arua's Fairy that is randomly granted to players:
    • An icon will now be shown in in the top left whilst it is active and you will be able to see when it will be removed.
    • You will automatically get the fairy back if you disconnect and reconnect before the expire time.
  • Edited the Duel Results:
    • The results from dueling your own characters will no longer be shown in the Duel Results.
  • Edited the Episode Quest:
    • Added new dialogue choices and NPC interactions throughout the Episode Quest.
    • Healing Hands quest: The quest will no longer be considered failed if the player gives out both Antidotes but then the quest timer expires.
    • Resurrection quest: The player now has to fight and defeat the monster.
    • The Ominous Kenji Stone quest: The player now has to interact with the Kenji Stone statue.
    • There are now minor environment changes that occur after completing certain quests.
  • Edited the Map Book to no longer automatically close when the player starts moving.
  • Edited the spawn position and radius of all monster spawn points in the Forgotten Temple (B1).
  • Edited the spawn and idle movement behaviour of Tirwins.
  • Edited the An Appropriate Compromise quest to involve [Ikaness Staff] Gremory, instead of [Ikaness Staff] Shroon.
  • Edited the appearance of the Blood Charm visual effect.
  • Edited the appearance of the conversation window.
  • Edited the Watermelon Shield to be obtainable with an empty gem socket.
  • Fixed certain Shout and Union NPCs not displaying if they had a new quest available.
  • Fixed a bug where clan skills would show as expired for a short period even though they were still active:
    • This was an old bug which we weren't aware of when the first Clan Update was released.
    • As a thanks for bearing with us whilst we tried to resolve the issue, we will be setting the expiry date on all clan skills (including ones which have expired) to be 28 days from the point at which the first clan member logs in.
  • Fixed a bug where World Shouts would also show on the Whisper tab.
  • Fixed an un-useable storage becoming viewable during the Dealer job quest.
  • Fixed collision issues with several map objects.
  • Fixed AI behaviour and skill issues related to several Oro monsters including Aleksandros, Imparis Queen and Lord Horridus.
  • Fixed the conversation window not having a title for certain interactions.
  • Fixed tooltip error with the Leap Attack skill.
  • Fixed the casting behaviour of the ALT/CTRL Quickbar being different to the normal Quickbar.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch that could occur when gems/weapon effects were used with specific items.
  • Increased the Movement Speed and flying height of the Dragon mounts.
  • Increased the size of the interaction areas for the Suspicious Researchers quest.
  • Increased the Tirwin spawn rate in the Forgotten Temple (B1) T3 section by 20%.
  • Reduced the Level requirement of the God Ra's Cape item to Level 200.

  • Added Champion Armbracelets:
    • Basic Blood Armbrace, Basic Magical Armbrace and Basic Shadow Armbrace can be purchased from [Weapon Merchant] Crune.
    • Common Blood Armbrace, Common Magical Armbrace and Common Shadow Armbrace can be crafted from the SubItem Craft skill.
  • Added Auto Pick Up Accessory for purchase from [Livestock Farmer] Sicru.
  • Added levels 11-15 to the Leap Attack skill.
  • Added Fainted status to the Space Attack skill (levels 9-10).
  • Added a glow to the Unique bosses.
  • Added Large Tooth material drop to Junon's Goblin King, Grandmaster Goblin and Master Goblin.
  • Edited the Ant Devil and Poison Master monsters to drop Lisent (Hg) and Lisent (Na).
  • Edited Cold Island and Dolphin Island zones to show the Craft chat tab.
  • Fixed the Champion Hit skill not decreasing the target's Defence by its intended amount.
  • Increased the size of the Level 158 Tirwin in the Forgotten Temple (B1).
  • [Visitor Guide] Arua's Fairy will now appear to Visitors if they attempt to leave Adventurer's Plains without starting the Episode Quest.


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