Arua v397

Chat with your allies with the new Clan Alliance chat, new Easter and Birthday items to collect, and more.


Patch Notes:
  • Added Clan Alliance chat:
    • Allied clans can now chat with each other using the new 'Alliance' chat tab.
    • This chat can be used on any map, by all clan members of both clans.
  • Added new Easter event items.
  • Added new Birthday anniversary items.
  • Added new items to the Item Mall.
  • Edited Duels:
    • Skill cooldowns will now only reset at the start of preparation rounds.
    • When a round ends due to a time limit being used, the player with the most damage will no longer be given a kill point, and the other player will no longer be given a death point.
  • Increased the cooldown time of the Fortify skill.
  • Increased the cooldown time of the Scout Shot skill.
  • Reduced the cooldown time of the Blaze skill.


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