Arua v395

New Duel rules, a new Duel Results board, Game Arena tweaks, and more.


Patch Notes:
  • Added new Duel rules/options:
    • Spectators: Show (default), Hide
      • This will show or hide all players around you whilst the Duel is active.
    • Time Limit: No Time Limit (default), 120s, 300s
      • This will enable a time limit for each round.
      • If the time expires, the winner of the round will be determined as:
        • Winner: The player with the highest damage in that round.
        • Draw: Both players have the same amount of damage in the round, and both players will be rewarded 1 win point.
      • When the Time Limit option is enabled, it may lead to the Duel ending in a draw. In these cases, no items or zulie will be exchanged.
  • Added Duel Results board:
    • The Duel Results board allows you to see the last 200 duels in the game, the rules which were used for a duel, and additional battle stats such as damage and stuns.
    • You can search for the results of any character by entering their name in the search bar.
    • The Duel Results board can be accessed in the Canyon City of Zant.
  • Edited the Game Arena Rankings:
    • The rankings will now be listed by Arena Score, Arena Level and Arena Experience rather than Arena Score and character name.
  • Edited Duels:
    • Blocked the ability to join a Game Arena whilst in a Duel.
    • Invitation requests (e.g. trade, party) will now be automatically ignored whilst in a Duel.
  • Fixed a game client crash some players would experience whilst in 'fullscreen' mode.
  • Fixed a game client crash which would occur when moving an item from your storage into a full inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where the stats of clan passive skills would stop being added on the game client before they expired.
  • Improved the performance of the Event Leaderboards, Game Arena Leaderboards/Rankings, and Market Place.

Crystal Defenders:
  • Disabled the scoreboard average punishment from being applied.
  • Disabled the ability to surrender.
  • Fixed a bug where a team was able to call a surrender immeditately, rather than after a set time.
  • Fixed a bug where the surrender server logic wasn't correctly implemented.
  • Increased the queue time from 30s to 60s.

Survival Arena:
  • Dropping items has been enabled.
  • MP potions have been enabled.

Union Wars:
  • We have adjusted the times of some of the sign up periods of all Union Wars to reduce them clashing with the Seth's Shrine sign up periods.
  • We will make sure players are aware of the new changes through announcements, and we will make more tweaks if necessary.
  • The new sign up periods can be seen on the Game Arena (ALT + P) window.


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