Arua v386

New items, new monsters, lots of new additions to Classic, and more.


Patch Notes:
  • Added Dalping Shell item drop to the Dalping Leader monster.
  • Added MiniBuffalo Backshield item drop to Elder Slag, Goblin Guard (Arua) and Slag monsters.
  • Added new items to the Item Mall.
  • Edited teleport scrolls:
    • These scrolls can no longer be used if there are enemy players on the mini-map.
    • Dead enemy players don't count towards this.
  • Edited player shops:
    • The shop name will now turn gray when you have viewed the shop. Leaving the area and coming back into view of the shop will reset it.
    • When an item on a wish list has no stat, you can no longer sell that item to the shop if it has a stat.
  • Edited the Dreadful Epidemic and Suspicious Researchers quests:
    • Players must now click and pick up the quest items off the ground, instead of just walking over an area.
    • Moved the locations of the Mana Chargers slightly.
  • Edited the appearance of the Dalping type monsters to look different from each other.
  • Edited The Lost Engagement Ring quest so that it can be completed by characters above level 22.
  • Edited all Lunarian NPCs to start the "Luna Language" quest if the player doesn't know the Luna language.
  • Edited the colour of the Ruby gem effect to be slightly more red.
  • Fixed the Black Onyx [7] gem not counting towards achievements.
  • Fixed a memory leak issue caused by several skills.
  • Fixed Pets not being able to follow their owner at certain locations.
  • Fixed Blessing Mind skill having no soundfx.
  • Fixed and improved the quality of several item icons.
  • Reduced the price of several items sold by [Event] Evette.

  • Added the ability to automatically restore parties on scheduled restarts:
    • The "offline time" for party members is reset to the time at which the server comes back online, meaning players will have 12 hours to log in to ensure their party remains active.
    • Party Master will be given to the first player who logs in after the server restart. This is how the "party safe time" currently works, so we've used the same mechanic here also.
    • Party data will not be saved on server crashes or when network issues occur requiring a forced server restart.
  • Added Amethyst, Black Onyx and Pink Opal gems to the Gem Cutting craft skill.
  • Added Clan Grade 5 upgrade.
  • Added Max HP base stat to Backshields.
  • Added Enormous Beetle monster to Breezy Hills.
  • Added Commander Rackie monster to El Verloon Desert.
  • Added several new blue equipment drops.
  • Added new achievements.
  • Edited the following skills:
    • Champion Hit: Added Defence Down status to Levels 5-10.
    • Twist Attack: Increased the Skill Power of the skill.
  • Edited the majority of Magic Tools so that they can now have empty sockets:
    • Book of Standards and Oriental Drum are excluded and cannot have empty sockets.
  • Fixed several items having incorrect stats and missing blue prefix.
  • Increased the Attack Power gained from the Diamond gem.
  • Removed level requirements from Pet Skins.

Clan Update

To help prepare you for the Clan Update, we are giving you forewarning that Commanders will be gaining new privileges in the Clan Update. Therefore, we suggest that clans make any necessary adjustments to your rosters ahead of time.

We cannot share any more information with you about the update at this time, but we have been sharing teasers on our Discord server over the past few weeks. We're really excited to share the reveal topic with you once it is ready.


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