Arua v383

Class v Class rewards have been added, new animated items, and more.


Patch Notes:
  • Added the Class vs Class 2021 rewards.
  • Added more easter egg titles to the game:
    • Speedrunner
  • Added new items to the Event Point shop.
  • Added a the "Bonny Wig Box" to the Item Mall.
  • Edited the Black, Blue and Orange Nine-Tails back items to be animated.
  • Edited Castle Gears to no longer have collision that could block other players.
  • Edited Cave of Ulverick so that characters below level 180 cannot enter.
  • Fixed certain weapons not showing their visual effects on the Character selection.
  • Fixed the gem positions of the Ancient Dagger, Predator Spear, Sikuku Saw Spear and Sikuku Spiked Spear weapons.
  • Fixed bugged text symbols that could appear in NPC conversation text.
  • Fixed several quests not supporting the 'in progress' quest notification.
  • Fixed certain AOE skills affecting event monsters spawned by the Event Team.
  • Fixed the conversation with [Akram Minister] Mairard not showing in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed players being able to send messages that only contain a chat filter symbol.

  • Blocked 'Follow' in all PvE Game Arenas maps.
  • Increased the stats of the Warrior Ring.

Game Arenas:
  • Fixed a bug where U.R.F. Mode may not be activated for some players.

Akram Quest:
  • Players will no longer receive any reward if they are dead at the end of the game.


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