Arua v377

New rewards to the weekly Lottery, and end-of-game Scoreboard for Game Arenas, new Duel rules, and more.


Patch Notes:
  • Added a confirmation message to the 'Union War Chest' option after winning a Union War which also shows its cost.
  • Added new items to the Event Point shop.
  • Added Mystic Ghost (Candle Ghost) to the planet Oro.
  • Added new Trade Keys to the Item Mall:
    • Bronze Key of Bast: Trade locked Level 210 armor.
    • Silver Key of Bast: Trade locked Level 214 armor.
    • Gold Key of Bast: Trade locked Level 218 armor. (Previously known as Key of Bast)
  • Edited Duels:
    • New equipment rules have been added:
      • No Equipment Rules - Players can change equipment at any point
      • Warm Up Changes - Players can only change equipment during the warm up round
      • No Equipment Changes - Players cannot change equipment at all once started
    • Full buffs will now be applied to both players at the end of the warm up round
  • Edited the 'Race to Max Level' leaderboards:
    • This will now record the total play time, rather than real time, it takes for you to reach the maximum level.
    • Previously, if you leveled for a few hours over 5 days to reach the maximum level, your time would be recorded as 5 days regardless as to how many hours you played over those 5 days.
    • Now, if you leveled for 1 hour over 5 days, your time is recorded as 5 hours.
  • Edited Arua's Lottery:
    • You will now receive a percentage of the total Zulie taken as prizes:
      • 1st Place: 40% total
      • 2nd Place: 20% total
      • 3rd Place: 10% total
        • Example:
          • 1,000 tickets sold at 1,000,000z per ticket = 1,000,000,000z taken
          • 1st Place: 40% of 1,000,000,000 = 400,000,000z Prize
          • 2nd Place: 20% of 1,000,000,000 = 200,000,000z Prize
          • 3rd Place: 10% of 1,000,000,000 = 100,000,000z Prize
  • Edited the Gun Smash skill to continue the player's last performed action, instead of forcing the player to always attack.
  • Edited the icons of status/conditions to begin to flash when there is 5 seconds left of their duration.
  • Edited Party invites to show the sender's character level.
  • Edited monsters spawned by the Event Team so that they can't be damaged by AOE skills/items.
  • Edited [Visitor Guide] Arua's Fairy:
    • Edited and improved the Fairy's dialogue.
    • Majority of the dialogue options will no longer automatically close the window, making it easier to navigate through the conversation tree.
    • Some of the classic hunting quests have been added back to the Arua server.
  • Fixed Cart Accessory parts not losing lifespan when damaged.
  • Fixed and improved various item descriptions and icons.
  • Fixed the appearance and size of several Wand firing effects.
  • Fixed the Candle Ghost seeds being able to be killed by AOE damage.
  • Fixed the Entiku Princess spawning from unintended monsters.
  • Fixed AI issue related to the coloured Lunar crystals.
  • Fixed the HP and Dodge Rate values of the Red Zorg and Wormorg Eggs in the Veteran Oro Instance.
  • Fixed the Red Zorg and Wormorg Eggs in the Visitor Oro Instance having Magic Resistance, unlike the other Oro Instances.
  • Fixed visual error with the Gold III arena rank.
  • Gift boxes will no longer be given to players inside a Game Arena.
  • Increased the part version of the P.I.G. Frame.
  • Reduced the Magic Resistance of the Golem monsters at Ptah's Rift of Souls.
  • Removed the feather from the Green Hat. It is now only on the Luxurious Green Hat.

  • Added Holy Brown Turban to the Aqua Guard.
  • Added Engine Fuel (L) to [Ferrell Guild Merchant] Mildun and [Ferrell Trader] Sergei.
  • Edited the following skills:
    • Binding/Shackle Arrow: Reduced the skill's duration.
    • Mild: Increased the Success Rate. Reduced the skill's duration.
    • Silence: Increased the Success Rate. Reduced the skill's duration.
  • Edited the Clanfields so players will have the 'Dumb' status applied to them when they respawn.

  • Fixed the Backpack Mastery and Stockpile skill books not being purchasable from Darren and Olleck Basilasi.
  • Fixed the Lunar Soul monster being able to attack players.
  • Fixed a bug where some players had an additional 10 Stat Points:
    • If this applies to your character:
      • You will be unable to attack or use any skills until you reset your stats.
      • You have been given a free NPC stat reset which you can redeem by speaking to [Village Chief] Cornell in the Canyon City of Zant.
  • The original Junon's Union War has been replaced with our own updated version:
    • Level 50-130 players can now join via the Game Arena window or the notification popup once sign ups open.
    • Notifications are sent 60 minutes, 30 minutes and 15 minutes before the sign ups open.
    • The times at which it opens are displayed on the Game Arena window, and you can see when the next one starts by hovering over the 'Join Queue' button.
    • There are some minor changes in comparison to Arua:
      • The winning team will receive 30 Union Points, rather than having a choice as to what reward they will receive. The losing team will not receive anything.
      • Attackers and Defenders Chests will not drop inside the Union War.
      • Some items have been removed from the Akram Supplies shop.
      • Restricted to two sign ups per computer.

Game Arenas:
  • Added Seth's Shrine and the Tomb of Sorrows to the PvE category:
    • A brief overview, any requirements or restrictions will be shown in the description area. You cannot join either directly from the Game Arena window.
    • Seth's Shrine will also show the time at which it next starts:
      • Preview:
  • Added an end-of-game scoreboard to most Arenas:
    • A variety of stats will now be tracked whilst playing an Arena, including your kills, deaths, kill assists, damage dealt, damage received and healed amount. Based on your performance, you will be given a scoring to compare yourself against other players.
    • Preview:
    • If you disconnect and do not reconnect before the Arena finishes, your stats will still be recorded and you will be shown as having -1 points and placed at the bottom of the scoreboard.
    • The following Arenas support the new end-of-game scoreboard:
      • Akram Quest
      • Battle Royale*
      • Capture the Fairy
      • Clan Deathmatch
      • Crystal Defenders
      • Eldeon's Union War
      • Junon's Union War
      • Luna's Union War
      • Survival Arena*
      • Team Deathmatch
      • The Colosseum
      • * Visible only to the winner, but can be viewed online by all players
    • Scoreboards for every Arena will also be viewable on the Armory once it has been updated.
    • We plan on using the scoring data to allow us to more accurately detect AFK and/or non-participating players, and detect players who opt to log out to avoid negative punishments from Game Arenas. This will come in the next update once we have gathered enough data.

Capture the Fairy:
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Capture The Fairy - Victor' achievement would be unlocked after capturing a fairy.

Clan Deathmatch:
  • Fixed a bug where the starting tickets were incorrect.

Crystal Defenders:
  • Fixed a bug where the first Arua's Fairy could sometimes not be captured in a game.
  • Minimum players lowered from 16 to 14.

Eldeon's Union War:
  • Fixed a server crash relating to the Totems changing location.

Union Wars:
  • Players will now automatically respawn after 15 seconds of being dead.


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