Arua v373

New items, more Easter Eggs, Gun improvements, and more.


Patch Notes:
  • Added Harmful Blazing Wings.
  • Added new Season of Love event items including Cart frames, Emotes and Outfits.
  • Added new items to the Event Point shop.
  • Added new items to the Item Mall.
  • Added new dances to the "/dance" command.
  • Added Cart parts and engine fuel to [Ferrell Guild Staff] Gilbert at Xita Refuge.
  • Added a new option to disable text bubbles being shown in-game:
    • Available from Options (ALT+O) > Messages > Text Bubbles
  • Added a method for players to revert their emblem to the default job class emblem:
    • Clicking the emblem in the Character window (ALT+A) will change it.
  • Added more easter egg titles to the game:
    • After the 'success' of the easter egg title and watching/listening to players try out various theories to unlock it, we have added some more to keep the brain ticking away:
      • Arena Gladiator
      • Chicken Chaser
      • Chicken Lover
      • Cow Chaser
      • Cow Lover
      • Merchant
      • Speed Demon
      • Tomb Raider
      • Window Shopper
    • Good luck, and let us know if you manage to figure them out!
  • Decreased Blazing Wings level requirement to 165.
  • Edited droptables for Ulverick (Regular) and Camprohos to include Level 200 and 204 armors instead of weapons.
  • Edited monster summons:
    • Casting buff skills on summoned monsters will now also apply the buff to nearby summons of the same type and owner in non-PvP areas.
    • Summons are now removed after starting your Vending shop.
  • Edited the Level 20 and Level 30 Job side quests:
    • The quests can now be completed by 2nd Job characters.
    • Fixed several errors with NPC and quest text.
    • Fixed and improved quest item descriptions and icons.
    • An Appropriate Compromise: Only the Porkie and Porkie Hooligan monsters at Anima Lake count towards this quest now.
    • An Eye for the Marketplace: Fixed a bug that could prevent the quest being completed.
    • An Eye for the Marketplace: Fixed the quest tracking being incorrect for some players.
    • Hovert's Mementos: The first conversation with Crune is now longer and improved.
    • Hovert's Mementos: Old Leather Diary is now an interactive quest item.
    • Hovert's Mementos: Only the Aqua monsters at Anima Lake count towards this quest now.
  • Edited the player to have a different animation when their Dog, Horse or Unicorn mount is moving.
  • Edited the Part version of the Meister Cart frames to be higher, to match other Item Mall frames.
  • Edited the appearance of Catherine Clara and Ikaness Staff members.
  • Edited the Summon Skins so that they can be previewed by ALT+Clicking their skill books.
  • Edited the appearance of the Lunar snow weather and Taunt status effects.
  • Edited the drop model of Pet Skins.
  • Edited the descriptions of the Hurtle Aura and Perpetual Aura skill books.
  • Fixed Junon Candle Ghosts spawning at Mount Eruca.
  • Fixed Frozen Thorn and Thorn Hound always spawning high level "Elec Ghosts", regardless of the player's level.
  • Fixed an issue with the Tombs of Sorrows Dungeon which could delay players being teleported inside.
  • Fixed a visual bug where Arua's Fairy could disappear from the player after they were resurrected.
  • Fixed issues with the Luna's Union War map.
  • Fixed a bug where players couldn't respawn if their Arua's Fairy expired whilst they were dead.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent PAT items being sold to player Vending shops sometimes.
  • Fixed the tooltip display for Engine Fuel and Mount Food.
  • Fixed a bug relating to the Item Mall 'Set' button.
  • Fixed position error with the Sikuku Underground Prison portal.
  • Fixed a bug where the Storage Expansion coupons wouldn't save correctly if you had already opened the storage during that play session.
  • Fixed the small HP bar position of the Union War crystals.
  • Fixed lighting and map errors with the Quiz Event map.
  • Fixed the gem position of the Lunar Seal Staff.
  • Fixed the player animation when using the Pig Cart Mount and lack of smoke effect during its movement.
  • Fixed the Oro Instance quests, after the preparation phase, not being trackable.
  • Fixed kills made by monster summons not counting towards the owner's achievement progress.
  • Fixed the Blue Heart Earrings and Heart Shaped Earrings only being visible in one of the character's ears.
  • Improved the lighting and fixed many graphical errors on the following maps:
    • Cerberus Lair
    • Christmas Prop Hunt (Christmas Event)
    • Cold Island
    • Snowflake Town (Christmas Event)
  • Players will now automatically respawn in supported maps (see Arua v365) whether the game client is active or not.
  • Removed the NPC faces shown above their window whilst interacting with them.
  • Renamed Justice Cannon to Justice Gun.
  • Renamed Mage's Wand to Apprentice's Wand.

  • Edited Guns:
    • Increased the Gun attack power gained from the Dexterity stat.
    • Increased the attack speed of all Guns.
  • Reduced the attack range of Bows and Crossbows back to their original ranges.

  • Increased the experience rate for the 'Pumpkin Ghost'.

Team Deathmatch:
  • Fixed the starting messages shown in the chat area.


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