Arua v369

Performance improvements, new maps for Team Deathmatch, and more.


Patch Notes:
  • Added a double spawn monster for Camprohos and Ulverick (Regular).
  • Added performance improvements to the game client:
    • Players will typically experience a 10-40% FPS boost across different areas of the game.
    • The increase you will get entirely depends on your computer graphics card, monitor (specifically, its refresh rate), and amount of visible objects within the immediate area.
    • We have included some benchmarks below as an example of the increases we have seen with our testing on our Arua server. We would expect these increases to be the highest which can be achieved and should not be misunderstood for what you can expect yourself, as stated above.
      • Before:
        • Adventurer's Plains: 106 / 81
        • Canyon City of Zant: 39 / 50
        • City of Junon Polis: 40 / 24 / 69
        • Magic City of the Eucar: 40 / 45
        • Heliopolis: 20 / 28
      • After:
        • Adventurer's Plains: 144 (+35%) / 125 (+54%)
        • Canyon City of Zant: 58 (+48%) / 81 (+62%)
        • City of Junon Polis: 66 (+65%) / 36 (+50%) / 101 (+46%)
        • Magic City of the Eucar: 64 (+60%) / 81 (+80%)
        • Heliopolis: 34 (+70%) / 42 (+50%)
      • Benchmark Notes:
        • Values separated by a / indicate a different area on the same map.
        • Benchmarks recorded in populated, busy areas (with the exception of Adventurer's Plains, which shows a less populated area) of the game as a side-by-side comparison to before and after this update, with two game clients running at the same time.
        • FPS values are recorded as a 10 second average for each benchmark.
  • Duels can no longer take place whilst you or your opponent is in a PvP area.
  • Fixed a bug which caused part of the Episode Quest to crash the game client.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with parties:
    • If the Party Master was offline during the party grace period, player levels were not checked to ensure everyone was within the allowed level bracket. They are now checked regardless as to whether the Party Master is offline or not.
    • Players will now be removed from their party during the Reborn process.
    • There were some situations where players outside of the allowed level bracket could remain in a party. We believe most of these have now been fixed.
    • A note on the intended mechanics:
      • The maximum level difference between the highest and lowest players should not be more than 25 levels on Arua and 15 levels on Classic.
  • Fixed "I'd like to manage my Clan" option showing for non-Clan users.
  • Fixed the stats, summon amount and weapon attack of the Firecracker Penguin capsule.
  • Fixed a few minor issues with the Episode Quest.
  • Increased the stat bonuses of the Hurtle Aura and Perpetual Aura passive skills.

  • Removed the party Hardware/IP restrictions from the "Mana Engine Begotten: Devil Pest" quest.

Team Deathmatch:
  • Added two new maps to the rotation.
  • Removed the map which was based on Freezing Plataeu from the map rotation.
  • The invincibility time after respawning has been increased from 3s to 5s. As with normal PvP zones, this invincibility is removed when you attack another player.


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