Arua v361

Lots of new Halloween and Event items to collect, and more.


Patch Notes:

  • Added the following new Halloween items to the Pumpkin Chest:
    •     Bat Weapon Effect
    •     Halloween Spider Pet
    •     Lunar Keeper Head
    •     Mummy Spirit Backpack
    •     Orange Halloween Devil Gloves
    •     Orange Halloween Devil Hat
    •     Orange Halloween Devil Shoes
    •     Orange Halloween Devil Suit
    •     Pumpkin Wizard Boots
    •     Pumpkin Wizard Coat
    •     Pumpkin Wizard Gloves
    •     Pumpkin Wizard Hat
    •     Reaper Head
    •     Red Halloween Devil Gloves
    •     Red Halloween Devil Hat
    •     Red Halloween Devil Shoes
    •     Red Halloween Devil Suit
  • Added new Halloween items to be rewarded from the Event Team.
  • Added the following new items to the Event Point shop:
    •     Blue Nurse Shoes
    •     Krawfy Claws
    •     Lolita Hat
    •     Lolita Shoes
    •     Magic Textbook
    •     Nurse Shoes
    •     Pink Bangasa Umbrella
    •     Pink Bunny Hoodie
    •     Pink Doll Look
    •     Pink Elf Wig
    •     Reflect Dagger
    •     Tambourine
    •     Trash Lid Shield
    •     Trendy School Shoes
    •     White Bangasa Umbrella
  • Added new items to the Item Mall.
  • Added Help Guide:
    •     The Help Guide contains various information about the game such as basic mechanics, job classes and more.
    •     It can be opened by clicking its new Menu button at the bottom right Menu.
  • Added new achievements.
  • Edited the behaviour of player summoned monsters to be more aggressive:
    • Summons will now only attempt to move back to their owner's position if their owner doesn't have a target.
  • Edited kill sprees to continue to track past the 10 kill spree.
  • Edited the Dreadful Epidemic quest:
    •     Seyon will now mark the location of the mushrooms in the player's map book and a tutorial message will show.
  • Edited the spawn rates of the Mummy King monster:
    •     Heliopolis: Decreased the "hill" spawn rate, whilst the "tree" spawn rate has been greatly increased.
    •     Heliopolis: Moved the "hill" spawn slightly to the south to prevent the king spawning inside the object.
    •     Sun Pyramid: Increased the spawn rate at the lowest chamber.
  • Edited the contents of the Halloween Goody Chest.
  • Edited and improved the icons of dozens of materials and Clan Points.
  • Edited Station Guide Illiya at at the Magic City of the Eucar to have a new conversation/quest with the player if they haven't learnt the Lunar language.
  • Edited the "Mana Engine Begotten: Devil Pest" achievement:
    •     The quest given by Eliot at the Magic City of the Eucar will now count towards this achievement.
  • Fixed the Mummified Soldier and Rotting Soldier monsters dropping invalid Socket Jewellery.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the player to lose certain buffs on their client after changing their costume weapon.
  • Fixed the rotation of the Halloween Wand weapon.
  • Fixed a desynchronization bug that occurred if the player became overweight whilst sitting.
  • Fixed missing item descriptions from several Jewellery sets.
  • Fixed issues and reworked the Quiz Event.
  • Fixed the Armored Beetle Blades not counting towards the "Armored Beetle Castle Gear" achievement.
  • Fixed the icon and name of the Moon Kana Boots.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the colours used in NPC conversations.
  • Fixed the Diamond [1] reward at Jones not unlocking the "Mana Engine Begotten: Devil Pest" achievement.
  • Fixed a bug where the kill spree messages were sent when they weren't meant to be sent.
  • Fixed the Doongoliath monster counting towards the "Devil Pest: Exterminater" achievement.
  • Fixed the icons of a few Instance Point items being incorrect.
  • Renamed Little Devil's Staff to Imp Staff.


  •     Increased the casting range of "Meteorite Flow" skill to 25m.
  •     The "Learning to Drive" achievement now requires the player to complete the quest, not just learn the Cart skill.
  •     The "Thierno's Lucky Charms" halloween quest is now repeatable.

Eldeon's Union War:

  •     We have identified the cause of the rare server crash which can happen during the war.

Tournament Arena:

  •     Added a new rule to block gems from being placed into equipment.
  • Added further sign up rules which will allow us to run a variety of different Tournaments. For example, Boost Up characters only or Reborn players only.
  •     Fixed a bug where players from any level were able to sign up to the tournament.


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