Arua v999

We've added a new Clan v Clan Duel system, where rules can be set and a Zulie bet can be placed, made a number of changes to many Game Arenas, and more.


Patch Notes:

  • Added Senior Magic School Hat to the Union War Chest.
  • Added new items to the Item Mall.
  • Added a short cooldown to the Driving and Riding skills:
    •     During the cooldown the user is unable to change PAT parts.
  • Edited the Quickbars:
    •     Added a button to lock and unlock the Quickbars:
      •             Locking a Quickbar prevents the user being able to drag items/skills off, move or rotate it.
    •     Items and Skills can now be moved between the Quickbars.
  • Edited item drops from monsters to no longer have a chance to drop refined.
  • Edited the distance of the Party experience share to 90m, increased from 50m.
  • Edited Party skills to no longer cast on enemy players if they are in your Party.
  • Edited the 'Alt + M' key shortcut to open the Map Book, instead of minimizing the Minimap.
  • Edited equipment and weapons obtained from Visitor Instance chests to be rewarded with bonus stats/empty sockets.
  • Edited how the ownership of the final drop from the Berkana Stone boss is determined:
    •     Players can't gain drop ownership until after Moon Pastor Laguz has been defeated and the Berkana Stone is targetable.
  • Edited Elec Ghosts and Tirwins to spawn more frequently at Lunar Clan Field.
  • Edited the Quest window:
    •     Added a new horizontal layout.
    •     Renamed the window to 'Journal'.
  • Edited the Skill Tree window to show the character's remaining Skill Points.
  • Edited the appearance of the tutorial notification window.
  • Edited the first tutorial notification to no longer be timed/disappear after a short time.
  • Edited the duration of the Cure and Healing skill visual effects on characters to be shorter.
  • Edited the duration of the MaxHP Up and MaxMP Up visual effects on characters to be shorter.
  • Edited the large staircases at Forest of Wandering and Heliopolis to help prevent players frequently getting stuck on them.
  • Edited the Inventory window to no longer change its position when opening Trade with another player.
  • Edited the client so that the taskbar will flash in the event the client disconnects from the server.
  • Edited the 2nd Job confirmation box to show the Zulie cost.
  • Fixed Dealers being able to repeat "An Eye for the Marketplace" and "The Humble Smith" quests after changing to a 2nd Job Class.
  • Fixed the final 2nd Job Change quest remaining in the user's quest log sometimes after changing to a 2nd Job Class.
  • Fixed the appearance of the Poison status/condition icon when using the 'Updated' status icons.
  • Fixed the position of gems in both Rose Dual Swords and the left handed Rose Glaives weapons.
  • Fixed the appearance of the Jelly Bean Pet.
  • Fixed the Character window showing an increase in defence power when the player had Arua's Fairy:
    • Players never actually gained this defence power increase, it was a visual error.
  • Fixed the Arua's Fairy consumable not having a brief cooldown to prevent consuming multiple at once.
  • Fixed an issue with character creation which caused certain character names to be incorrectly blocked and deemed as inappropriate.
  • Fixed missing weapon models for the Mummy Lieutenant and Mummy Soldier monsters.
  • Fixed and improved several weapon descriptions.
  • Fixed visual error with the Vending shop window.
  • Fixed [Mayor] Darren not acknowledging that the player had already completed their 2nd Job quest when asked about it.


  • Added Skillbook shop to [Arumic Prophet] Olleck Basilasi.
  • Edited teleport scrolls so that they can't be used during combat in PvP Zones.
  • Fixed some tutorial messages not showing.

Game Arena:

  •     Added a new Clan v Clan Duel system, which allows two clans to Duel in a similar style to the normal 1v1 Duel:
    •         This has been added to The Colosseum, which allows clans to now use the Arena for 6v6 Duels.
      •             Preview: [MEDIA=imgur]VGvvbWs[/MEDIA]
    •         We currently allow the following rules to be set/changed:
      •             Clerics: No Limit*, 1 Cleric, No Clerics
      •             Rounds: 3 Rounds, 5 Rounds, 10 Rounds*
      •             Warm Up: 15 Seconds, 30 Seconds, 45 Seconds, 60 Seconds*, 120 Seconds
      •                 * Default option.
    •         A Zulie bet can be placed by clicking the 'Add $' button (likewise, removed by clicking the 'Remove $' button). The prize is given to the lead player upon winning.
    •         When another clan signs up to the Arena, the lead players will be shown the rules set and must accept or decline them.
    •         If the server must be restarted or crashes whilst The Colosseum has a game in progress, the Zulie will be refunded in full to each lead player automatically.
    •         If the lead player is disconnected or kicked from the game during a game and their team wins, it will be deposited to them automatically upon their next log in.
    •         Each clan member is informed as to who the Zulie is deposited to at the end of the game. It will always be deposited to the lead player, but this will provide a visual confirmation so that there is no denying it.
    •         In the case of a draw, the Zulie will be refunded back to the lead players in full.
    •             NOTE: 'Lead player' refers to the play who either set the rules for the Arena or accepted the rules for the Arena for their respective clans.
  •     Edited Clan v Clan Arena sign ups:
    •         When the lead player (i.e. the first one which joins to unlock the queue) now leaves the queue, other clan members will be kicked from the queue.
  •     Edited Arena Objectives:
    •         Some, such as those for Battle Royale, can no longer be rolled.
  •     Reset coupons (Birthstone/Skill/Stat) have been blocked from being used inside any Arena.
  •     The starting time for the following Arenas has been increased from 30s to 60s:
    •         Battle Royale
    •         Junon's Union War
    •         Luna's Union War

Capture the Fairy:

  •     The respawn time for players on the winning team will now be greater in comparison to the losing team.

Clan Deathmatch:

  •     Advanced buff scrolls can no longer be used inside the Arena.
  •     Players will now automatically respawn after 15s if they don't respawn themselves.

Junon's Union War:  

  •     Added the HP of each crystal to the tooltip shown when hovering over the icons:
    •         This is only updated once every 3 seconds so should only be used as a guide and will not reflect it's HP in real time if it's currently being attacked.
    •         Preview: [MEDIA=imgur]OtpaefK[/MEDIA]
  •     Fixed some locations on the map where players could appear inside objects.

Luna's Union War:

  •     Added the HP of the active crystal and the Dusk Crystal when hovering over the icons:
    •         This is only updated once every 3 seconds so should only be used as a guide and will not reflect it's HP in real time if it's currently being attacked.
    •         Preview: [MEDIA=imgur]Wh7Dq6W[/MEDIA]
  •     Edited the minimap and names of the Crystals to use letters instead of roman numerals.
  •     Edited the Crystals to float above ground level.
  •     Fixed players getting stuck on the stairs of the middle room stucture.
  •     Greatly reduced the size of all visual effects on the Crystals, including buffs and healing effects.
  •     Reduced size and lowered the height of the Crystals' hitbox.

The Colosseum:

  •     Advanced buff scrolls can no longer be used inside the Arena.
  •     Fixed a bug which would stop the game being completed under some circumstances:
    •         Thanks to the gods and Pain clans who helped us collect some data which allowed us to see why this was happening.
  •     Players who now disconnect through any means during the Arena and reconnect before it ends will be instantly killed upon spawning back into the Arena as a forfeit.

Game Version

As you may notice, this update brings us to Version 999. Way back in 2007, Arua started with a base version of Version 765, which means we've released 234 full updates (but probably triple that in actual releases due to bug fixes/tweaks released after an update!) which equates to a minimum of one update a month for almost 13 years.

Rather than continuing to Version 1000, we're going to use this opportunity to align our patch version with the patch version shown on the patch client which means we'll be going back. This would mean that v999 would be v342 as shown on the patch client, so the next update will be v343 or higher depending on whether we need to release any bug fixes/tweaks post release. The difference in patch version shown on the website/forum and on the patch client has caused some confusion whereby players thought that they weren't patched/updated correctly as they didn't match, so this will solve the discrepancy.


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