Arua v996

We've added a new Forgotten Temple (B2) boss, activated Junon's and Luna's Union Wars with more rewards, made Oro Clan Field improvements, and more!


Patch Notes:

  • Activated the Junon's & Luna's Union Wars:
    • Please read below for full details!
  • Added Union themed Cart Backseats to each Union shop.
  • Added Union War Chest:
    • The chest can be purchased after winning a Union War for 150 Union Points.
    • The chest contains the following possible items:
      • 25 AruaPoint Jelly
      • Arumic Emblem
      • Crusader Shield
      • Dusk Statuette
      • Ferrell Bag
      • Ferrell Guild Emblem
      • Ferrell Propeller Booster
      • Junon Order Cross
      • Junon Order Emblem
      • Lizard Backshield
      • Magic School Tome
      • Mask of Lies
      • Mythril Drill
      • Righteous Crusaders Emblem
      • Senior Magic School Look
      • Senior Magic School Shoes
      • Sunrise Statuette
      • Warrior Ring
  • Added Berkana Stone boss to the Forgotten Temple (B2):
    • This new boss has multiple phases and drops new items to obtain including the first 'legendary' backshield:
      • This backshield has no equip conditions, has varied bolded base stats and upgrades with the player's level.
    • The boss will always drop at least 2 items across the boss encounter.
    • To spawn the boss, players must be active inside the Temple (B2) map and progress their Forgotten Temple Investigation quest.
  • Added new Christmas Event items.
  • Added a 'Game Arena Rank Reset Coupon' to the Item Mall:
    • This will reset your Game Arena rank (and therefore remove the rank icon above your character) for a small fee.
  • Edited the Forgotten Temple (B2):
    • Defeated players will now respawn outside if they remain dead for 60 seconds.
    • Edited the Dumb Status/Condition to last for 25 seconds after respawning.
  • Edited the Sun God Ra event:
    • We've reintroduced the version of this event which has the portal to the Deity's Realm.
    • The portal now has 4 teleport options: North, South, East and West.
  • Edited the Deity's Realm:
    • Added 4 entry and exit locations to the map.
    • All Summon consumables/skills are now blocked on the map.
    • Increased the size of the playable area.
    • Players will now be kicked from the map 60 seconds after the Sun God Ra has been defeated.
    • Reduced the amount of monsters that can appear on the map.
  • Edited the Giant Ice Crystal at the Frozen Cave:
    • Added Blizzard phase which occurs everytime the Giant Ice Crystal drops an item:
      • Additional Frost Knights will spawn during the Blizzard but these Frost Knights will not drop any items.
      • The drop ownership will now reset everytime the Giant Ice Crystal drops an item.
    • Edited the spawn time of the Giant Ice Crystal to be different each time.
  • Edited the attack distance/range of skill and weapon tooltips to show their exact distance value.
  • Edited all Luna Icicle consumables so that they can only be casted on monsters.
  • Edited the 'version' text during login and character selection so that it now states which server you have logged into.
  • Edited how quest objective tracking is displayed.
  • Edited the spawn radius and aggression of monsters inside the Frozen Cave.
  • Edited Cave of the Dead, Desert of the Dead and Glacier Island:
    • Players in the same party will now be allied with each other if they're not in a Clan.
  • Edited the character listing order in the character selection screen:
    • Characters will now be listed in the following order:
      • Reborn Level (if applicable) => Level => Experience (%) => Name
  • Edited Passive skills to show their stat bonuses in a similar way to items.
  • Edited skills on the quickbars to show their Status/Conditions and duration.
  • Edited the character deletion message:
    • If your character took part in the Boost Up event, a different confirmation will be shown informing you that deleting the character will not grant you a free Boost Up, like some players believe.
  • Fixed a visual bug for Racing Arenas where the client thought you had to queue to join.
  • Fixed the HP Bar position of the Undead Wizard monster.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur at the Frozen Cave.
  • Fixed Turak not using the Turak Axe weapon.
  • Fixed harvest and mining objects being buffed by AOE spells.
  • Fixed the Large Monster HP Bar remaining visible when the targeted monster entered Stealth.
  • Fixed the position indicator not showing correctly for Mount Eruca on the worldmap.
  • Fixed the gem position of the Chainsaw and Wizard Wand.
  • Fixed the gem positions of the Hook Scythes.
  • Fixed a bug where outstanding deposits to a player may have required players to log in more than once:
    • This was particularly noticable for AruaLottery winners, whereby players had to log in twice to receive all rewards.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Respawn window to remain open after dying and being teleported.
  • Fixed a quantity value being displayed when attempting to add items to your Buying List.
  • Fixed a bug with Armbraces, Health/Tactician Jewellery sets and Soldier/Muse Boost Necklaces that could cause HP/MP to not be calculated or regenerate correctly.
  • Fixed a delay in receiving skill damage from Lion Sikuku monsters at the Eldeon Clan Field and Forest of Wandering.
  • Fixed the initial greeting text of [Historian] Jones being incorrect.
  • Fixed the Blue and Purple Luna Icicles applying the wrong Status/Condition to the target.
  • Fixed certain skills, which apply debuffs, not putting the caster or target into the combat state:
    • For example if the Freeze skill was successful, the debuffed player was still able to immediately use a teleport scroll.
  • Fixed players being able to disassemble the Battle Launcher and Battle Machine Gun cart weapons.
  • Fixed the Status/Condition display on the Damage Support skill tooltip.
  • Fixed the appearance of the Zuly Bullet.
  • Fixed the names of certain Passive skill bonuses not matching their item equivalent.
  • Fixed and improved several item descriptions and icons.
  • Fixed the skill description of the Backpack Mastery skill.
  • Fixed a minor error with the Unique item drop visual effect.
  • Fixed visual error with the Chatroom window.
  • Increased the Movement Speed reduction caused by the Freezing Mauler's frostbite status.
  • Increased spawn rates for king monsters at the Sikuku Ruins.
  • Reduced the Defence Power and Magic Resistance of the White Rabbit Bag.
  • Reduced the Hitting Rate stat bonus of the Slayer unique weapon.
  • Reduced the Hitting Rate stat bonus of the Wings of the Karkian Phoenix.
  • Reduced the HP of Sikuku Ruins monsters.
  • Reduced the cooldown of the Fortify skill.
  • Removed the "You have successfully defeated monster" system chat message.
  • Removed Ashura Mask and Cart Goggles from the droptable.
  • Renamed the two-handed "Sword" weapon to "Soldier Sword".
  • Renamed the unique "Turak's Axe" weapon to "War Axe of the Sikuku", as there was another weapon called "Turak Axe".

  • Edited the stat bonuses of the following unique weapons:
    • Chronicle Staff
    • Coyote Wand
    • Crystal Wand
    • Dust Wand
    • Lunar Seal Staff
    • Shining Staff
    • Tempest
  • Fixed item level requirement, stats and missing blue prefix on the following items:
    • Elven Green Vest of Witch
    • Elven Hunter Chest
    • Elven Iron Helm
    • Elven Purple Gloves of Witch
    • Elven Purple Sandals of Witch
    • Elven Ranger Boots
    • Elven Ranger Hat
    • Elven Vibe Shoes
    • Golden Brown Gloves
    • Golden Criker Gloves
  • Fixed there being 2 different kinds of Elven Ranger Gloves.
  • Increased the cooldown of the Purify and Resurrection skills.
  • Reduced the Movement Speed reduction, range and skill power of the Binding and Shackle Arrow skills.
  • Reduced the Trading and Vending fee from 5% to 1%.
  • Removed the experience point penalty when using summoned monsters.

  • Added the 'Follow' and 'Ride Request' skillbooks to [Righteous Crusader] Leonard's shop:
    • This allows players to add these skills to their quickbar instead of having to use the right click Player Menu.
  • Fixed missing 'Pet' button when viewing the equipment of players.
  • Fixed dialogue option error when exchanging coupons with [Town Girl] Regan at The Void.

Christmas Lucky Star Contest:
  • Players must now also be within the correct level range to be able to attack/damage Lucky Stars.
    • Example: When a player kills Grunter King (Level 60) and Lucky Stars spawn, you must be between Level 48-72 to be able to attack/damage the Lucky Stars also.

Christmas Event:

As with all seasonal events, the Christmas Event will be activated once we are happy that the update is stable!

Game Arenas:

  • Added the ability to adjust the cooldown for skills whilst inside a Game Arena:
    • This will let us help solve problem skills which are causing big imbalances to Arenas and altering the way Arenas should be played.
    • The following changes have been made:
      • Capture the Fairy:
        • Cure: 3s
        • Healing: 6s
        • Purify: 45s
  • Added the ability to set minimum and maximum values for a variety of character stats:
    • This gives us another option in a way in which we can help balance Game Arenas. For example, we could make it so no-one in the Arena ever has more than 1,000 Dodge Rate regardless as to their build and items.
    • No limits have been placed yet. Instead, we will continue to gather feedback and players can use this new feature to suggest further changes.
  • Fixed bug with Arena Objectives caused by Reborning your character.
  • Fixed a bug where some Battle Royale Arena Objectives weren't being awarded.
  • Skills now reset their cooldowns when an Arena starts and ends.

Capture the Fairy:
  • Players will now be forced to stop when taking or capturing a fairy:
    • This has been added to prevent any 'speed glitches' when doing either of the actions.
  • Purify scrolls have been blocked.
  • The time in which the server checks for a capture has been increased by 4x.
  • The taking and capture areas have been reduced by 4x.
  • The respawn timer is now determined by how many minutes have passed in the game:
    • This is how the respawn timer originally worked, but the changes were reverted along the way as an oversight when a respawn timer option was added for other Game Arenas.
    • The starting respawn timer has been reduced from 10s to 5s, and will now increase as the game time increases.

Christmas Hunt:
  • A number of areas which were used to an unfair advantage last year have now been blocked off.
  • There are now a number of "forbidden" areas:
    • These are areas in which you can go in or be around, but you can't stay for very long.
    • You will lose 8% of your health every few seconds you remain in these areas.
    • Hunters will not lose any health whilst in these areas.

Junon's & Luna's Union War:

Designed for players between Level 70-228, the Union Wars have now been (re)activated following their creation and overhaul. A special thanks to all the players who joined us for the various play tests!

When sign ups open, a small window will show on the left side of the game client, or you can join from the Game Arena (ALT+P) window.

Junon Union War Schedule:?

  • Monday-Friday: 3:00am, 9:00am (Local Arua Time)
  • Saturday-Sunday: 1:00am, 7:00am, 11:00am (Local Arua Time)
Luna Union War Schedule:?

  • Monday-Friday: 5:00am, 11:00am (Local Arua Time)
  • Saturday-Sunday: 3:00am, 9:00am, 1:00pm (Local Arua Time)
Announcements will be sent 1 hour before sign ups open and 30 minutes before sign ups open. Players can use the server-time shown on the time below the minimap to determine their local times.

The rewards for completing the Union War include AruaPoints, Instance Points, Union Points and a new Union War Chest - the choice is yours! The Union War Chest contains a variety of new unique items which have a 'Union Wars Won' requirement on them.


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