Arua v993

We've made more Union War changes, including changes to queuing to allow more players to join the war.


Patch Notes:
  • Added Lisent (Ra) to Pantharis King.
  • Added test version of the upcoming Forgotten Temple (B2) boss:
    • This test boss features the first half of the boss encounter.
    • It can only be spawned by a staff member and will drop no items.
  • Fixed visual issues caused by the Fairy Pod item.
  • Fixed issues with the Verminios boss kill counters after a server restart.
  • Fixed players not being able to add items to their Buying List from the View Equipment window.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players buying items from NPC shops under certain conditions.
  • Increased the drop rate of Lisent (Au) from the Sikuku Ruins kings.
  • Removed the red glow from Seal Stones in the Forgotten Temple.

Junon's Union War:
  • Added a new queue option:
    • Read below for more details.
  • Added the Attackers Chest:
    • Similar to Crystal Defenders and Luna's Union War, the Attackers Chest contains scrolls which can be used against enemies around you.
    • When an attacker kills a defender, there is a small chance of an Attackers Chest being dropped.
    • Unlike other Arenas, this chest can only be picked up by the attacker who killed the defender.
[Feedback] If the defending team is particularly good, the attackers have no way to progress.
We previously revamped the Dusk Crystal, which the defending team can kill to punish the entire attacking team. This works well to give defenders a way to flip the game, but it leaves the attackers with no hope if the roles are reversed. Now, attackers can collect scrolls from the Attackers Chest and use them strategically.

Luna's Union War:
  • Added a new queue option:
    • Read below for more details.
  • Added two portals to the Attackers base:
    • Each portal will quickly take the attackers to the center-left or center-right of the maze.
  • Reduced the Dusk Crystal respawn timer from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
[Feedback] The Dusk Crystal should have more of an impact on the game.
The respawn time for the Dusk Crystal was previously set to 5 minutes, meaning at most it could only be used once per Union Crystal for the attackers. We have reduced its respawn time to 3 minutes, which means it can now be used up to twice per Union Crystal.

[Feedback] Move the respawn point as attackers progress through the maze.
We decided that this was not a good idea, as moving the respawn point anywhere except to where it currently was would allow defenders to camp spawn kill attackers. Instead, two portals have been added which will allow attackers to quickly jump to different parts of the maze at any time.

Union War: Queue Options
We've added an additional option for our Union War queue system which will allow more players to join and enjoy the Union Wars.

Option 1 - Kick balanced players?
This is how the queue system currently works. If Team A has 20 players and Team B has 15 players, 5 players from Team A will be kicked from the Union War to ensure the teams are equal.?
[New] Option 2 - Distribute balanced players?
If Team A has 20 players and Team B has 15 players, the additional 5 players from Team A will now be distributed between both teams, allowing more players to be part of the Union War.?

With Option 2, it may be possible that one team has 1 extra player than the other team. We believe this is unlikely to cause any real imbalance between the teams, so we do not see this as a problem.

Both Junon's and Luna's Union War have been changed to use Option 2, and we will perform further play tests to gather more feedback.


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