Arua v991

We've made changes to some of our PvE raids, added Luna's Union War, and more!


Patch Notes:
  • Added Tainted Key to the droptables of all kings in Ptah's Rift of Souls.
  • Added Luna's Union War:
  • Added a reward selector for Union Wars:
  • Added new mouse cursors when hovering over crystals, flowers, herbs and ores.
  • Added new effects when harvesting flowers and mining crystals.
  • Converted Junon's Union Warto our newer Game Arena system which powers all of our other Arenas:
    • The Union War remains largely the same from when we remade it some time ago, with some small bug fixes and improvements based on feedback.
  • Edited the last boss of the Tombs of Sorrows dungeon:
    • Edited the 'Mark' phase:
      • There are now 6 Orb Stands located around the boss room.
      • When marked, the party must destroy all 6 Orbs before the mark expires or the marked players will die.
    • Edited animations and visual effects.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the boss to freeze and stand still on the player's client.
    • Fixed texture glitch with the staircase in the boss room.
    • Removed the 'Sandstorm' phase.
    • Removed and reduced the size of some of the floor clutter in the boss room.
    • The boss should no longer reset unexpectedly.
  • Edited the Tombs of Sorrows dungeon:
    • Fixed bugs with the Moldie Mammoths that caused animation errors and them to get stuck at times.
    • Reduced slightly the amount of monsters spawning in certain areas of the dungeon.
    • The solution to the B2 Flame Puzzle will now be shown shortly after Tondro walks into the room.
  • Edited the Verminios boss events:
    • Added a 2 hour time limit to each event. Players will be kicked from Amentet's Sacrifices when the time limit is reached.
    • Edited rare secondary bosses, such as Belial Moldie Mammoth, to count towards the Verminios kill counters.
    • Players must have defeated at least 5 bosses, for the specific portal, to be allowed to enter Amentet's Sacrifices:
      • If the event is still active after 1 hour then any player is allowed to enter Amentet's Sacrifices.
    • Players will now be kicked from Amentet's Sacrifices 1 minute after the Verminios has been defeated.
  • Edited items gathered during Harvesting and Mining to drop on the ground if the player has a full inventory, instead of sending to their Premium Storage.
  • Edited the Heliopolis Coin Collectors:
    • Removed [Coin Collector] Ashai and [Coin Collector] Remmao:
      • [Coin Collector] Ottah will now exchange items for all types of ancient coins.
    • The reward option window will no longer automatically close, making it easier to exchange multiple rewards.
  • Edited the cloak colour of the Caster Vest of Rebirth item.
  • Fixed weapon effects not being visible on all Surfboard items.
  • Fixed a bug with certain Dance scrolls that caused the player to become temporarily stuck after dancing.
  • Fixed players not respawning with temporary invincibility after dying at Oro Clan Field.
  • Fixed the attack animation speed of Carts and Castle Gears being incorrect for nearby players.
  • Fixed the Treehouse Vending Shop not being positioned correctly.
  • Fixed Basic, Crafting and Passive skills incorrectly showing as muted when the player has the 'Dumb' status.
  • Fixed the Skill Cooldown time being incorrect on the Next Skill Level tooltip.
  • Fixed a speed desynchronization bug that occured if the player was riding a Mount whilst overweight.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent players starting the 'Junon Planet Identification' quest from [Akram Minister] Mairard.
  • Fixed a speed desynchronization bug that occured if the player used their Bag or Storage whilst riding.
  • Fixed a delay and missing sound effects when harvesting flowers and herbs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Turak to always freeze and stand still after he grew larger.
  • Fixed Axes and Blunt weapons using the same hit sound effects as Swords.


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