Arua v990

We've added another set of Reborn wings, added more items to the Summer Event, and more!


Patch Notes:
  • Added Black Wing of Rebirth to the Reborn shop.
  • Added new Summer items to the Summer Goody Bag.
  • Added Reset Reborn option for characters who are Reborn 10 and above:
    • To be eligible to use the reset you must have chosen your first job class and not passed Level 130.
  • Added an achievement and title for winning the Arua Lottery.
  • Edited the animation and increased the size of the White Wing of Rebirth.
  • Edited the rotation of the Corrupted Sun Backshield:
    • The backshield is now facing towards the character, matching how it looks on the Sun God Ra boss.
  • Edited the Shark costume set so that it can be obtained with Summer Event Coupons.
  • Edited the "Lottery Master" title to "Lottery Player".
  • Fixed the position of Gems in the Boosted Mana Cannon.
  • Fixed issues with the Amun Fighter and Amun Warrior drop tables.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Resurrection quest to not advance correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where you weren't able to do clan actions (e.g. invite, kick, ...) whilst in PvE mode on a map which supports both PvE and PvP modes.
  • Fixed the height of the Bag window being incorrect if the player switched between different Bags.
  • Fixed a desynchronization bug that occured if the player entered Desert of the Dead whilst riding a Castle Gear.
  • Fixed model error with the Black Pink Seraph Wing.
  • Fixed the texture of the Beer Mug weapon.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Tondro to get stuck in the Tomb of Sorrows (B2) portal room.
  • Fixed the beginner tutorial popups showing for reborn characters.
  • Fixed door lighting error with Clara and Phoebe's houses at Sunshine Islands.

Battle Royale:
  • Players will now instantly die and be eliminated if they fall into water.

  • Increased the amount of HP restored from Bonfires.


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