AruaROSE v988

We've added new items to our Easter Event, fixed a few bugs, and much more.


Patch Notes:
  • Added new Easter items to [Event Info] Felice Fete's Event Exchange.
  • Added Magic Tool of Rebirth and Shield of Rebirth to the Reborn shop.
  • Edited the floor texture of the Ramesses Mines.
  • Edited the icons of a few Easter items and achievements.
  • Fixed the Fairy Wing showing Bag Capacity on its item tooltip.
  • Fixed the drop models and item classifications of the Royal Entiku armor set.
  • Fixed the player's PvP setting being incorrect when entering Training Ground from [Righteous Crusader] Gawain.
  • Fixed several areas in Oro Clan Field where players would render behind objects.
  • Fixed players being unable to perform Shield based skills when using a costume offhand of a different itemtype.
  • Fixed Follow not working in the PvE section of the Sikuku Ruins sometimes.
  • Fixed large visual effects appearing when mining the crystals in the Crystal Mine.
  • Fixed the mining visual effect of the Crystal Drill Arms.
  • Fixed the name of the Green Kokeshi Fan weapon.
  • Fixed the position of Gems in the Sun Staff weapon.
  • Fixed [Summer Event] June showing on the Oro Clan Field minimap.
  • Fixed missing animation on the Ramesses Mines crane.
  • Fixed missing light effects on the Ramesses Mines lanterns.
  • Fixed flickering smoke effect on [Co-Founder of the Junon Order] Francis' house.
  • Increased the chance of the secondary Elder Sikuku and Eudy Lukete spawning.
  • Increased the drop chance of the Terrapin Pet.
  • Reduced the amount of Crystal Ores dropping from Crystal Crabs.
  • Reduced the Fuel Consumption of the Crystal Drill Arms.
Survival Arena:
  • Blocks have been added to a few different areas of the map which are commonly used to unfairly hide from other players.
  • Edited Dolls to have a chance to be crafted with an empty socket.
  • Added Birthday Event and Easter Event:
    • The Birthday Event will take place on Classic's launch anniversary.
  • Edited Bonfires to have the same mechanics as Arua:
    • Bonfires have been changed so that they can no longer be clickable.
    • This means that you can no longer cast Heal or Cure on your Bonfire, but AOE Heals will still work.
    • This change has been done to prevent further abuse in PvP zones.


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