The Sunshine Islands were opened after Judy had to close the Sunshine Coast. Visitors had left the Sunshine Coast very untidy after the last Summer Event and Judy was unhappy with the efforts to clean it up. It should not have to be said that residents and players should ensure that these Islands stay tidy.

Anyone can visit the Sunshine Islands by talking to [Summer Event] July in the City of Junon Polis. Remember to trade your Summer Event Coupons to July to obtain special Summer rewards!

This year, it is the task of Clara, a local resident, to ensure that the Islands stay tidy.

She is actively watching the beaches around the Sunshine Islands. If she notices that the beaches are becoming littered, she will request players to help her clean up. If you think you can help her, you should await her request.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Islands, Kelo is in need of some help.

Kelo unfortunately lost his beach ball somewhere on the Islands. Are you the person who can help him find his lost beach ball? You should speak to him and get some more information.

The Islands hold many great treasures, and one of the delicacies of the Island are the starfish.

Selene, a resident, is the one who found this delicacy and now provides it for all to enjoy. However, because of a surge of visitors to the Islands, she's struggling to keep up with demand.

If you think you can find fresh starfish then you should await for her request. When stocks are low, she will request players to talk to her.

Beware, though. She only wants fresh starfish, and they are hard to come by. Some starfish may be fresher than others depending on the time of day, so make sure you check out all the starfish.

Although Sunshine Islands has only just recently opened to the public, one of its residents has gone missing. The Island Chief, Edmond, holds all the information.

Edmond is hoping that the Visitors of Sunshine Islands can help solve this mystery. At night strange screams can be heard from the forest. One of the residents went to investigate but he hasn't been seen since. The Islands are dark and spooky at night, so someone brave is needed.

New inhabitants of Sunshine Islands should be grateful that Judy didn't allow anyone to go back to the Sunshine Coast this year, but this doesn't mean we can't show her appreciation for allowing us to go there in the first place.

Judy is a dear friend of Phoebe and has a plan. To show our appreciation to Judy, she wants to create her a necklace; Judy loves those. Phoebe has a number of tasks for those willing to help out, but she can't create the necklace herself, so will seek the help of others to do so.

It is Casian's job to provide fresh meat to all island residents. One particular meat they are all fond of is the local Shark meat.

Casian is on the look-out for helpers willing to help farm some fresh meat, so speak to him if you think you're up to the task.

A number of bugs have recently shown up on the islands, and Clara has noticed them more due to living so close to them. As it's Clara's task to ensure the beach areas stay tidy, she is taking it upon herself to address this problem.

Help exterminate these bugs and she will reward you for your work! Let's get these Islands bug-free!

Have a great summer!