Update AruaROSE v924 28 Jun 2015

Patch Notes:

  • Added Ammo to the shop of [Crystal Defenders] Hera (found inside Crystal Defenders).
  • Added Emblems category to the Achievements window:
    • Emblems you've unlocked from Arena Chests will display here.
  • Blocked being able to return to the Character screen whilst inside Crystal Defenders.
  • Edited Weapon Effects on Launcher weapons to be more visible on the weapon.
  • Edited Dark Warmaster Sword texture, it is actually darker now.
  • Edited the item restrictions of the Arena Chest shop coupons to allow them to be traded and vended.
  • Disabled Carts and Mounts in the Crystal Defenders arena.
  • Edited the way Storage works slightly:
    • The temporary map restriction for it has also been removed.
  • Edited the mechanics of Raiders for the Survival Arena:
    • The 'Stealth' skill now has a 3 minute cooldown for all skill levels.
    • Whilst the 'Stealth' skill is active, your position will be marked on the mini map.
  • Fixed a bug where joining the queue of the Crusader Battlegrounds (Party vs. Party Arena) showed an incorrect / misleading message when the party sizes didn't match.
  • Fixed the minimap icon of [Crystal Defenders] Hera (found inside Crystal Defenders).
  • Fixed bugs with Arena Objectives:
    • You may sometimes be disconnected when clicking 'Claim Chest' if you tried interacting with the window before it had finished processing server data.
    • You would sometimes not be able to click the 'Claim Chest' button in the Weekly tab.
    • You wouldn't be awarded any 'Complete' objectives inside the Survival Arena if you weren't in the map (either alive or dead) when the Arena ended.
  • Fixed the Arena Samurai Armor having 200 weight instead of 0.
  • Fixed holes in the Crystal Defenders map where players could fall through and get stuck.
  • Fixed missing weapon from the Astarot Morph item. 
  • Fixed a bug where the message for 'expired' items didn't match across all instances.
  • Fixed a bug where Crystal 9 would show as captured by the Blue team instantly.
  • Fixed a bug where you weren't able to hover over Crystal 9 to show who owns that crystal.
  • Fixed a bug where players who were dead were able to still capture Crystals in Crystal Defenders.
  • Fixed Detect scrolls not detecting stealthed characters.
  • Fixed a bug where you weren't able to deposit a stackable item in a full storage, even if there was room on a stack, without first removing an item.
  • Fixed a bug in the Survival Arena where it would not detect that there was a winner if the last player standing suicide before it ran it's next player scan, causing the Survival Arena to wait until it fully expired.
  • Decreased the stun duration of Black Icicle (Survival Arena) from 15 to 3 seconds.
  • Increased the size of some of the Arena Pets slightly.
  • Refactored the way rewards are given if you log out before an Arena has finished to try and bypass the negative rewards (e.g. decrease in Arena Score).
  • Renamed the Purple Lion set to Purple Wolf.
  • Renamed Egyptian Dress to Yellow Jumpsuit.

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Update AruaROSE v923
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Update AruaROSE v921
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Update AruaROSE v919
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19 Mar
Update AruaROSE v918
Patch Notes: Added a notification window which will pop up when a timed item (e.g. a Pet or No Experience Scroll) expires. Added a different color version to Union Armors (Champions tier) to...
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