Weekend Madness 01 Jul 2016 Visitors, This weekend, 1st July - 4th July, we'll be increasing our game rates by 50%! Remember, our Boost Up Event is still on-going - so be sure to take advantage if y... Read More »
Summer Event 21 Jun 2016 The Sunshine Islands were opened after Judy had to close the Sunshine Coast. Visitors had left the Sunshine Coast very untidy after the last Summer Event and Judy was unhappy with the effort... Read More »
Trade Keys 21 Jun 2016 Trade Keys With the increased complaints for some Account Bound items becoming ever frustrating to obtain, specifically some equipment gathered from the Oro Instance, we've integrated a... Read More »
Reborn Shop 21 Jun 2016 Reborn Shop Players who wish to Reborn can now unlock a variety of costume items from the new Reborn Shop.  Speak to [Stylist] Cindy to access to the new Reborn shop! Read More »
AruaROSE v943 21 Jun 2016 Patch Notes:Added a 'give back' feature:The server is now able to give back an item you lose if the server restarts during a scheduled event. We have to set this manually, so only applies to... Read More »