Event Christmas Event 16 Dec 2014



This Christmas period, we're taking you back to our special Christmas map, Snowflake Town! To get to Snowflake Town, speak to [Christmas Event] Comet found in the City of Junon Polis!





In preparation for Christmas Day, Santa had put his Rudolphs under rigorous training but most of them decided to run away. 

They even had the audacity to steal presents that don't belong to them and hide them all over Snowflake Town! 
If you wish to offer your assistance you should speak to him right away!



Loelsch, an Elf, loves to dress up spectacularly during the Christmas holidays, but she's noticed that not everyone can share the same Christmas Spirit as she.


Speak to her, and she will guide you through a multi-part quest to help you dress up and show a little more spirit during the holidays!





As part of the Santa workshop crew, Salio has the job to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and this means getting the presents out to all the residents.

In order to do this, Salio needs a little help gathering some materials. If you want to help get all the presents out on time, speak to him!




Tinese looks after all of Santa Clauses reindeer, and she's noticed that their food has been stolen. If you think you can help feed the reindeer, speak to her!





Moggy and Soggy's Dad has gone missing. If you want to help them you should speak to them to the West of Snowflake Town.





This snowman can be found in front of the Bear family's house but not everything is what it seems...





Snowflake Town is a little extra festive this year with Ice Spirits dotted around the town which drop lots of festive goodies.




A gigantic abomination has arrived outside the City of Junon Polis! Don't worry, he's quite peaceful (unless you attack him!). What could the Snow Abomination possibly drop? Perhaps ice weapons could be useful for your snowy adventures.





Visitors may find Pengiuns have also arrived at the City of Junon Polis! The Penguins may reward you with Christmas Bags that contain many different festive goodies.





On the 25th December, you'll be able to open Christmas presents under the big Christmas Tree in the center of Snowflake Town. Depending on the quests you complete, and if you've been good this year, you may have more presents to open!



This Christmas, we've added 3 brand new quest lines, new items and outfits to collect and new achievements! Of course, all of the quest lines and rewards from previous Christmas Events are also available. The Christmas Gift Bag and Reindeer Mounts can also be purchased from the Item Mall during the Christmas period.


Have a great Christmas!

15 Dec
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