AruaROSE v937 31 Jan 2016 Patch Notes:Added a new 2D sprite animation when opening the Arena Chests.Added the sign up period for Junon's Union War into its description in the Game Arena window (as well as a small des... Read More »
Christmas Event 17 Dec 2015 This Christmas period, we're taking you back to our special Christmas map, Snowflake Town! To get to Snowflake Town, speak to [Christmas Event] Comet found in the City of... Read More »
Weekend Madness 17 Dec 2015 Visitors, This weekend, 18th December - 21st December, we'll be increasing our game rates by 50%! Remember, our Boost Up Event is still on-going - so be sure to take adva... Read More »
AruaROSE v935 17 Dec 2015 Patch Notes:Added new items to the Christmas Gift Bag:Santa Frame.Santa Skis.Weapon Effect 9.Death Effect 14.Tophat Snowman Cap.Santa Jester Hat.Santa Sweater.Candy Cane Duals.Snowboard Boot... Read More »
Black Friday Madness 27 Nov 2015 Visitors, This Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend, 27th November - 30th November, we'll be increasing our game rates by 50%! We're also DOUBLING AruaPoint purchases! Reme... Read More »