Update AruaROSE v903 19 Apr 2014

Patch Notes:


  • Added the Pyramids of Giza (Oro) and Crystal Mine (Oro):
    • You can access the Pyramids of Giza through Geb Desert and Ptah's Rift of Souls (the mysterious '?' is no longer harmful!).
    • You can access Crystal Mines through the Pyramids of Giza.
  • Added the Easter Event.
  • Added Calamity weaponry:
    • These bare the same purpose as Cursed weapons except for Level 225.
    • The materials needed for Calamity weapons are different than Cursed.
    • Calamity weapons will have less defensive stats but higher offensive.
  • Added Crystal Mask.
  • Added Crystal Drill.
  • Added new looks for the following monsters:
    • Porkie Hooligan.
    • Ranger Clown.
    • Hunter Clown.
    • BloodBat.
    • Elder BloodBat.
    • Gem Goblin Mage.
    • Yeti Hunter.
    • Sikuku Captain.
    • Sikuku Butcher.
    • Sikuku Gargoyle Hunter.
    • Sikuku Gargoyle Fighter.
    • Sikuku Gargoyle Shaman.
    • Sikuku Destroyer.
  • Added an updated design to Oro's world map.
  • Added a colour overlay to item icons that can be interacted with when in repair or apprasial mode.
  • Added Item Sets:
    • Individual items can now belong to a set. This may simply be for visual purposes or we can apply benefits for wearing multiple set pieces.
    • When an item is part of a set, you will see 'Set Items' and 'Set Bonus' when viewing the items tooltip.
    • As you equip items part of a set, the item names will turn Yellow indicating that they are equipped: http://i.imgur.com/Dn5Uzbt.jpg
    • Any bonus that the set gives will be shown below 'Set Bonus'. The number in brackets indicates how many items of that set you must have equipped to receive that bonus. For example, '(2) Strength: 5' would increase your Strength by 5 when you have at least 2 items of the set equipped. http://i.imgur.com/glNgqXt.jpg (Note: These were just test increases)
    • A set can contain up to 12 items and 12 bonuses. Costume pieces are not counted as being equipped.
  • Added Dynamic Items and Weapons:
    • Traditionally, to increase an items stats, it had to either be refined or obtain a higher level version of it.
    • Dynamic Items and Weapons allows us to increase an items / weapons stats as you level up normally - without the need to refine it or obtain a higher level version of it. These types of weapons can still be refined, gemmed, etc.
    • A Dynamic Item or Weapon will show what additional increases it has (or will have) on it's tooltip. The bonuses can also be seen in brackets around the stat that it increases. For example, Attack Power: 10 (+5): http://i.imgur.com/JWMx4de.jpg (Note: These were just test increases)
    • The purpose of these are for new features such as the Arena Shop. It allows us create new item sets and weapons without having to copy them for multiple smaller level ranges - making them beneficial for a wider level range.
  • Added the map name in which a Clan member is currently on to the Clan Member list tooltips. 
  • Added a visual effect to players when they score a kill spree.
  • Added a visual effect to Clan members when their Clan Grade is increased.
  • Added a radius effect when in a Duel to indicate where you are able to move to.
  • Added a Weekend Madness indicator:
    • When Weekend Madness is enabled, you will now see an icon near where the normal Pets / Experience / Buff icons appear indicating that it is active.
  • Added a button to delete individual Mail messages when viewing them.
  • Added additional boundaries to the Deity's Realm map:
    • A second collision barrier has been added around the previous one.
    • More monster spawns have been added around the outside of the collision barriers.
    • Kill triggers are now outside of the collision barriers causing instant death if trod upon.
  • Decreased the attack power of the last 4 tiers of spear weapons.
    • The end game spears didn't have much of a difference in the Attack Power compared to Two-Handed Swords, rendering the Two-Handed Swords somewhat useless. The Attack Power on the below spears are therefore being decreased slightly.
    • Warlord Spear: 351 > 341 (Legend: 367 > 357)
    • Widow Maker: 378 > 365 (Golden: 398 > 385)
    • Eternal Impaler: 418 > 405 (Saint: 438 > 425) (Cursed  428 > 415)
    • Deadly Avarice: 458 > 445 (Elven: 478 > 465)
  • Decreased the strength required to equip the 'Warmaster Sword' from 386 to 366.
  • Edited the 'Charm' stat:
    • Charm now reduces the 'Cooldown Time' of skills by 1% for every 10 charm. This can be used on any class.
  • Edited the 'Are you sure you want to drop this?' confirmation message to include the item name and amount that you are attempting to drop.
  • Edited the reset confirmation messages for the Stat, Skill and Birthstone Reset Coupons so that they show a message box rather than a message in the chat area.
  • Edited the 'Required Summon Amount' on Skills to change colour based on available space on the summon guage.
  • Edited certain quests to block players being able to abandon them, such as the Episode Quests.
  • Edited the in-game Voting dialog so that it only shows if you're 10 seconds out of combat.
  • Edited the Options dialog so that resolutions below 800x600 are no longer shown.
  • Edited the lightmap on the floor in Tombs of Sorrow B2 by making it brighter.
  • Edited Oro's sky lighting:
    • Oro maps are now more visible at night and walls and objects will no longer appear black. There will be a slight, unnoticeable difference during the day.
  • Fixed not being able to cast skills when having enough Mana Points (MP) under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a syncronisation error with 'MP Reduction Cost' on the Client and Server.
  • Fixed a client crash that may occur when targetting a player or monster with the 'One Click: Target / Double Click: Attack' option enabled.
  • Fixed the following items that had the wrong item appearance:
    • Shark (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Wizard's (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Brown Cadet (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Blue Cadet (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Black Cadet (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Green Cadet (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Inmate (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Prisoner (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Police (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Highway Patrol (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Fire Rescue (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Fire Fighter (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Cowboy (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Indian (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Doctor (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Hunter (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Warlock (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Alien (Gloves & Shoes).
    • Caveman Slippers.
  • Fixed a bug when using 'View Equipment' on multiple players without closing the dialog first.
  • Fixed dozens of objects/terrain on Oro maps where players had no mouse cursor when they clicked on them.
  • Fixed 'Aleksandros' monster's skills using empty visual effects.
  • Fixed a fire visual effect appearing on the floor around the 'Aleksandros' monster.
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Skill window.
  • Fixed a bug where another player's shop may automatically open on your own game client.
  • Fixed 'Planetary Scrolls' having bugged information on their item tooltip.
  • Fixed the HP Bar of the 'Elemental' summon monster being partly inside the monster.
  • Fixed 'Paradise of Ra' and 'Geb Desert' location arrows not displaying on the Oro world map.
  • Fixed the 'Achievement Unlocked' effect not being attached to the player unlocking the achievement.
  • Fixed not being able to scroll through the mark selection on Clan Creation.
  • Fixed 'One Click: Target / Double Click: Attack' option not working correctly on enemy players.
  • Fixed a bug where previous materials required may remain in the Upgrade dialog when upgrading another item.
  • Fixed the sound effects played when consuming a number of items.
  • Fixed not being able to select the bottom Mail message in the Community window.
  • Fixed the drop model of the 'Vasilis' glaive.
  • Fixed achievement 'Broken Weapon Expert' not unlocking.
  • Fixed some monsters in Geb Desert giving too much experience points than intended.
  • Fixed a number of memory leaks in the Client which should improve performance for many.

19 Apr
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Visitors,   This weekend, 18th April - 21st April, we'll be increasing our rates by 50%!   Have a great Easter weekend!
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Update AruaROSE v900.1
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