Weeklong Madness 22 Apr 2016 Visitors, By popular request and to celebrate our upcoming 9th birthday, this (slightly longer than a) week, 22nd April - 2nd May, we'll be increasing our game rates by 50%! R... Read More »
AruaROSE v941 22 Apr 2016 Patch Notes:Added a new Duel system:Our Duel system has been completely overhauled and now supports the betting of items, more zulie and rules which are automatically enforced!Read more... Read More »
Weekend Madness 25 Mar 2016 Visitors, This weekend, 25th - 28th March, we'll be increasing our game rates by 50%! Our Easter Event has also been enabled! Remember, our Boost Up Event is st... Read More »
Easter Event 22 Mar 2016 Visitors,Our Easter Event will be enabled on Friday 25th March!It's Easter! With lots of chocolate and bunnies, what couldn't you like about Easter?!Judy fears something may have happen... Read More »
AruaROSE v939 22 Mar 2016 Patch Notes:Added minions which spawn out of the Warrior Beans during the boss stage of the Akram Quest.Added Cleric balancing to the Game Arenas:Depending on how many Clerics have joined pa... Read More »