Update AruaROSE v910 05 Sep 2014

Patch Notes:

  • Added a new option to hide the large Monster HP bar at the top of the screen.
  • Disabled the hardware checks when joining the Oro Instance as it's now checked when signing up.
  • Edited the 'Boost Up Event':
    • You can now only redeem 1 Boost Up Event Token per Computer (during the official event, it was limited to 3).
    • We're doing this so that we can run smaller Boost Up Events and for new advertising campaigns.
    • Note: The Boost Up Event is not active. These changes apply to those who still have Boost Up Tokens from the previous event.
  • Edited the name of the 'Junon's KingKong' monster to its intended 'Doongoliath' name.
  • Edited the names of the Sporty Red, Green and Black frames to match the other Sporty frames.
  • Edited the 'has joined/left the party' messages so that they are also shown in the Party chat tab.
  • Edited the client so that the taskbar will flash when being teleported to another map.
  • Edited the location of the 'Whisper' and 'Trade' chatbox buttons:
    • 'Whisper' is now the 2nd button instead of the 'Trade' button.
  • Edited the text description of a few Quests to provide more helpful information.
  • Edited Achievements so that the name of an achievement is always shown.
  • Edited Mail (the Community dialog) viewing:
    • You can now reply to mails by clicking the Reply button.
  • Fixed search errors with Staffs in the Market Place:
    • Fixed not being able to find certain Staffs with the 'Item Name' search.
    • Fixed the 'Item Name' search returning different Staffs to the one you searched for.
  • Fixed a bug where the Market Place would sometimes not correctly reset after a server crash or reboot.
  • Fixed a bug where you would receive double Experience as a reward for the Akram Quests rather than Experience and Zulie.
  • Fixed players not receiving the bonus stat points after using the 'Stat Reset Coupon'.
  • Fixed the display of quest objectives that involved giving/losing quest items.
  • Fixed not being able to track the following quests:
    • Shannon's Medical Treatment
    • Lutis, Guard of Luxem Tower
    • The Hunt (Part 1 and Part 2)
  • Fixed quest tracking error with 'The Owl Eye' quest.
  • Fixed '[Lost Traveler] Mica' having no quest indicators during the 'The Hunt' quests.
  • Fixed '[Shamanist] Est' at 'Crystal Snowfields' displaying unintended dialog lines.
  • Fixed 'Zombie Alex' quest monster dying randomly. The monster will now only vanish if no players are nearby.
  • Fixed the hitting rate of the 'Holy Oblivion Staff' being lower than intended.
  • Fixed the descriptions of some 'Sporty' cart frames being incorrect.
  • Fixed several items having no item classification.
  • Fixed not being able to refine certain items.
  • Fixed the names of the 'Training Backshield' and 'Silentwalker Gloves' items.
  • Fixed some 'Elec Ghost' monsters having no name.
  • Fixed incorrect or no footstep sounds being played on the 'Pyramids of Giza' map.
  • Fixed the names of the 'Demon Marvel Staff' and 'Dark Vengeance Staff' not matching the weapons.
  • Fixed the icon of the 'Elixir' item having a spelling error.
  • Fixed icons of 'Mina's Ruby', 'Small Ruby', 'Small Topaz' and 'Small Diamond' quest items being incorrect.
  • Fixed the icons of the Copper, Silver and Gold Ores.
  • Fixed clan mark background being missing from the Clan window 'Skills' tab.
  • Fixed the 'Sikuku Underground Prison' portal destinations being incorrect.
  • Fixed 'The Owl Eye' quest having an incomplete quest description.
  • Fixed some of the '2nd Job' quest descriptions mentioning incorrect monster names.
  • Fixed a few spelling errors in NPC conversation text.

28 Aug
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Visitors,   This weekend, 1st August - 4th August, we'll be increasing our rates by 50%!   Have a great weekend!
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