Arua v379

New Game Arena AFK/non-participation detection methods, Duel changes, and more.


Patch Notes:
  • Edited Duels:
    • All buff scrolls are now blocked if a buff rule is being used.
    • All emotion skills are now blocked.
  • Fixed the position of gems in the Blood Sword & Axe, Dual Ocean Swords, Ice & Flare Swords, Saber & Elven Swords and Viking Sword & Axe:
    • The gem positions are now similar to their one handed weapon equivalent.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause water to not be visible at the Forest of Wisdom.
  • Fixed the HP and MP pet accessories not providing their full intended bonus in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed certain Battle Royale and Tombs of Sorrows map visual effects not rendering correctly sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused visual effects on back and hat items to be misaligned rarely.
  • Fixed a bug that caused gem effects to not be visible in certain left handed Glaives sometimes.
  • Fixed the Imparis Soldier and Imparis Warrior monsters running away too frequently.
  • Fixed the icons of the Dancing Fever Armor and Styled Festival Armor.

Game Arenas:
  • Added new AFK/non-participation detection methods*:
    • Losing team:
      • Players on the losing team who disconnect from the game and do not reconnect before it ends may now receive a Game Arena ban lasting 3 days:
      • When you disconnect and do not reconnect, we increase your 'disconnections' count by 1.
      • Once your count reaches 3, you will receive a 3 day Arena ban and your count resets to 0.
    • Winning team:
      • Players who score 0 points in any category on the winning team will now receive a Game Arena ban lasting 3 days.
      • Your contribution to the Arena, determined by your Damage Dealt or Healing, is now used to determine whether to reward a player:
        • Clerics: If your Healing score is less than 20% of the average in comparison to other Clerics on your team, you will receive no reward.
        • Others: If your Damage Dealt score is less than 20% of the average in comparison to others on your team, you will receive no reward.
        • We have temporarily disabled this change based on feedback from some players in the way they play some Arenas.
    • These new methods apply to the following Arenas:
      • Capture the Fairy
      • Crystal Defenders
      • Eldeon's Union War
      • Junon's Union War
      • Luna's Union War
      • Team Deathmatch
  • End-of-game Scoreboard:
    • Fixed a bug where the death counter didn't increase for Battle Royale and Survival Arena when the player died from either the moving storm or the water.
    • Reduced the bonus points awarded for the 'Healed' amount.
    • The winning player bonus has been removed from Akram Quest, Battle Royale and Survival Arena.
    • The scoreboard can now be filtered by team, by using the checkboxes at the bottom of the scoreboard.
  • Fixed a bug where the Union War join window wouldn't show for players below Level 70.

* We have seen that simply checking either the position of the player relative to a specific point on the map (i.e. spawn area(s) or their last checked position) or checking the last mouse interaction/skill interaction is not enough to detect AFK/non-participating players, as most of the time, players will either make no effort in the Arena, or find a cosy spot in the corner of the map to spend their time whilst avoiding these older methods. With the release of Arua v377, we hinted that we would be using this new data to create better systems at detecting these types of players, and we believe these new changes will go a long way to ensure that every player in the Arena is contributing to it. We are aware these changes may punish legitimate players, so additional tweaks may be made. These new changes do not apply to our Classic server.

Akram Quest:
  • You will no longer receive any reward when a No Experience coupon/accessory is active.

Battle Royale:
  • [Classic] Decreased the time of each stage.

Capture the Fairy:
  • Bonus points are now given for killing a fairy carrier.

Junon's Union War:
  • [Classic] Increased the HP scaling of the crystals.

Luna's Union War:
  • Reduced the number of crystals from 13 to 9:
    • The Union War map has been changed to accomodate this, so players will notice that some of the central rooms have been removed.
  • The HP scaling of the crystals has been increased to offset the reduced number of crystals.


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