Arua v374

Tombs of Sorrows instances, Game Arena improvements, and more.


Patch Notes:
  • Added multi-buy to the 'Buy Event Ticket' option in the Event window:
    • This will allow players to quickly purchase up to 1,000 Event Tickets in one single transaction.
    • There is no limit on how many Event Tickets a player can buy in total.
  • Added '25 AruaPoint Jelly' to the Item Mall.
  • Added new items to the Event Point shop.
  • Added support for a new leaderboard to be added to the Armory, 'Race to Max Level':
    • This will calculate the time it has taken you to level from Level 1 to the maximum level.
    • This leaderboard will only apply to characters who start from Level 1 after this update.
    • Boost Up:
      • You will not be eligible to be recorded on the leaderboard until you Reborn.
    • Crafting:
      • If you craft at any point during your run (successful or not), it will be recorded and shown on the leaderboard.
      • This does not apply to NPC crafting, where you receive no experience for doing so.
    • Reborn:
      • Your previous time(s) will remain on the leaderboard, and your Reborn level will be recorded, allowing us to have leaderboards for each Reborn level.
  • Disabled the "no ammunition equipped" pop up message.
  • Disabled the light beam visual effect from the party Healing skill.
  • Edited Harmful Blazing Wing to have an improved look (animated, increased size and additional effects).
  • Edited the Tombs of Sorrows dungeon:
    • Multiple parties can now signup and participate in their own dungeon session.
    • The limit of only 1 dungeon session at a time has been changed.
    • Edited the final B2 hallway to no longer have 3 wall barriers spread across it.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause a party member to become stuck in the B1 section if they had disconnected at a specific time.
  • Edited the Amentet's Sacrifices map:
    • Only Bonfires can be summoned at this boss map now.
  • Fixed a bug where experience gained from killing monsters whilst in a party would sometimes not be rewarded.
  • Fixed a player position desynchronization bug that could occur on clients.
  • Fixed the item type of the Auction Master Shoes, Mana Steam Shoes of Rebirth and Mercenary Boots.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent players advancing the Season of Love quest when talking to Bellia.
  • Fixed players being able to apply negative status/conditions to certain NPCs.
  • Fixed players not automatically respawning in certain PvP maps if they had selected the Save Town option.
  • Fixed an issue with the Magic City of Eucar bridges that could cause a backseat rider to become stuck.
  • Fixed a bug with entering the Crusader Training Grounds with the Clan option not working due to an unreleased feature.
  • Fixed the hitbox sizes of several monsters including Marsh of Ghosts and Oro Instance monsters.
  • Fixed the Up arrow key being disabled during combat.
  • Fixed the behaviour of the "One Click: Target, Double Click: Attack" mode.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to stop moving if a nearby player was driving their Cart into collision.
  • Fixed a desynchronization bug related to quest items during the Birthday Event quest.
  • Fixed the Achievements window caption being an incorrect size.
  • Fixed several item descriptions and icons.
  • Item link codes have been invalidated with this update:
    • This means that any generated prior to this update will no longer work, and must be recreated.

  • Added new items to the Item Mall.
  • Arua's Fairy is no longer removed upon entering Cold Island or Dolphin Island. It is now removed when starting the Race track.
  • Disabled the rewarding of Arena Score and Experience for Game Arenas.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Archangel Wing and Archdevil Wing being disassembled.

Game Arenas:
  • Kill sprees will now be counted for players inside the same Arena regardless of the level gap between the two players.
  • The time at which a Union War next unlocks will now be displayed when hovering over the 'Join Queue' button:
    • Preview:

Battle Royale & Christmas Hunt:
  • Reset the 'time alive' of all players on the leaderboard:
    • There were some situations where the calculation for this would be hugely inaccurate.
    • We now use a better method at calculating this, which will prevent this bug from recurring.

Clan/Team Deathmatch:
  • When changing weapon, Arena Buffs will only be given to you if it has been more than 30 seconds since the last time you switched weapons.

We continue to work on the upcoming Clan Update and spent a lot of time over the past few weeks improving the Tombs of Sorrows dungeon to allow multiple instances to take place. As the Tombs of Sorrows has essentially been fully recreated at this point, please bare with us whilst we resolve any bugs/issues you may come across with this update.

Our focus will now be shifting largely back to our Clan Update, so we hope to be able to share this with you in the coming weeks.


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