Arua v370

Lighting and graphical improvements made to a large number of maps.

Patch Notes:

  • Added new patch client options:
    • Defragment - This can be used by players to reduce the overall size of their game files. This would only be beneficial after a large update, and we have the ability to automatically defragment your game files after an update if we believe it to be beneficial. Typically, players should not need to do this themselves unless instructed to as part of a diagnosis step.
    • Reset Version - Sometimes a file may fail to update correctly. Players can use this option to set their reduce their game client version to reapply some recent updates.
  • Added the ability to perform various upgrades to the game files automatically, when necessary.
  • Added further performance improvements to the game client, which builds upon the ones already released in Arua v369.
  • Fixed two memory leaks with the patch client.
  • The overall performance of the update process on the patch client has been improved.
  • When an update is being applied on the patch client, the progress bar will now show the progress of the update being extracted and the current file number being extracted will be shown. The old method of applying an update did not support this, so there was no indication of its progress and caused some confusion to players thinking nothing was happening.
This update includes further performance upgrades to our game client and patch client, and your game client will perform an automated upgrade as part of the update process. You will be kept informed about its progress as it upgrades - please do not interrupt it, simply leave it until it is complete. This will typically take anywhere from 1 minute to 15 minutes depending on your computer hardware.

If you experience any issues with the update, you will be requested to simply download the latest game client installer, which was updated today:

Increasing our game clients performance has been our focus since just before the Christmas period, and we have made some great improvements to the game client and game engine since then. We have further improvements to release which provide further significant FPS upgrades for players, but these are currently not quite yet ready to be released to the public.

Patch Notes (v371-372):

  • Improved the lighting and fixed many graphical errors on the following maps:
    • Eldeon:
      • Eldeon Clan Field
    • Game Arenas:
      • All Game Arena maps
    • Junon:
      • Class VS Class (Event)
      • Crusader Battlegrounds
      • Graceful Town (Event)
      • Sunshine Islands (Summer Event)
      • The Void (Halloween Event)
    • Oro:
      • Amentet's Sacrifices
      • Deity's Realm
      • Forsaken Village of Menes
      • Geb Desert
      • Heliopolis
      • Memphis
      • Oro Clan Field
      • Ptah's Rift of Souls
      • Pyramids of Giza
We will also be updating a number of Lunar maps in the next update.


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