Arua v365

Preparations for the Clan update, new maps for Team Deathmatch, and more.


Patch Notes:
  • Added new items to be rewarded from the Christmas Event and Event Team.
  • Added a message shown to players who try to attack using a ranged weapon with no appropriate ammo equipped.
  • Added item appraisal to [Lojala Smith] Ekblovo at Memphis.
  • Added Black Succubus Wing, Lucille Party Hat, Lucille Party Shoes, Pink Rubber Boots and Succubus Wing to the random Gift Box.
  • Added Lucille Party Shoes to the Item Mall Legacy Box.
  • Added new achievements.
  • Added map drops to the Sun Pyramid.
  • Edited Character Storage:
    • Character Storage is now permanently unlocked for all players.
    • Removed "Character Storage Unlock Coupon" from Union Shops.
    • This coupon has been changed to "Free Storage Coupon" (7 days) in players' inventories and made account bound.
  • Edited Quest Boards:
    • Edited "Rackie Bats" quest to reward experience points.
    • Quest Board quests that reward Zulie will now only do so the first time the player completes them.
    • Zulie will no longer be rewarded if the player is over-levelled.
  • Edited PvP Zones:
    • Players will now automatically respawn outside PvP Zones if they remain dead for 60 seconds.
    • This will not occur at the Crusader Battlegrounds and Training Grounds.
  • Edited the Blaze skill:
    • Increased the Burning HP/s reduction.
    • Reduced the cooldown of the skill.
    • Reduced the duration of the Burning status.
  • Edited the Arena Chest vending shops to now show the player sitting inside.
  • Edited the Boost Up announcement to no longer be shown in the center of the screen.
  • Edited the Learning To Tame quest to require Level 50 to start.
  • Fixed issues with the Christmas Event.
  • Fixed certain PAT items providing hidden stat bonuses to the player when in driving mode.
  • Fixed the icons of the Head Warmer items.
  • Fixed map and collision errors with Graceful Town.
  • Fixed a bug where some players would be disconnected from the game whilst taking part in the Boost Up event.
  • Fixed cases where individual words could be split across multiple lines in item and skill descriptions.
  • Fixed model and transparency errors with certain map objects.
  • Fixed the user being able to add items and skills to a locked quickbar.
  • Updated the Clan window:
    • To support an upcoming update, we have redesigned the Clan window and made many fixes and improvements, including:
      • Buttons on the window now become enabled/disabled based upon the clan status (i.e. clan member limits), your position within the clan, another players position within the clan, and whether or not you're actually in a clan.
      • Clan contribution is now visible to all clan members by hovering over their name in the Members list, providing they are online.
      • Clan notices will now persist across game server sessions.
      • The clan notice has moved to the Clan Info tab, and can be updated by clicking the Update Notice button.
    • Preview:
  • Added Reborn Character:
    • Reborn Character allows you to start over and level up again.
    • Once Reborn, your character will be (almost) completely reset. This includes its Level, Class, Stats and Skills. Items, Zulie and Achievements will remain.
    • A small, unique icon will show above a character showing their reborn level.
    • Leveling will get progressively harder as you increase your reborn level.

Battle Royale:
  • Removed 'White Icicle' from the loot table.

Junon's Union War:
  • Reduced the area of the AFK detection in the spawn areas.

Team Deathmatch:
  • A new Oro themed map has been added to the rotation:
    • This map replaces the previous Oro map, which was removed from the rotation due to performance issues some players experienced.
  • Fixed some areas around the map where you were able to go out of bounds in one of the Lunar maps.
  • Reduced the starting tickets from 300 to 250.
  • Teams will now initially start in the same location rather than in random positions around the map.

This update contains a lot of changes and new features which are currently not enabled for players. We will be closely monitoring the game servers for any issues and we will be looking out for reports of any game client issues relating to these changes with this release.

Our Christmas Event is scheduled to be turned on over the weekend.


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