Black Friday Madness

Game rate boost, Party rate boost and AruaPoint boost - it's the Black Friday weekend!


This Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, Weekend Madness gets a boost, Party Madness gets a boost, and AruaPoints get a boost!

Arua: +100% game rates!

Classic: +100% party experience!

AruaPoints: +100% bonus on every purchase you make!

There are only a limited amount of AruaPoints available to purchase at this rate. Once all have been purchased, the bonus will be removed. The rate boosts in the game will continue all weekend!

UPDATE - 11/28 6.00am: The AruaPoint bonus event has now sold out!

Please Note: Due to a sharp rise in fradulent purchases during these event periods, we have introduced account limits. This will limit the amount of purchases you can make within a 24 hour period on an account.

Have a great weekend!


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